Backstage with Japan Skates @ 2011 Triglav Trophy
Akiko and Japan team were welcomed @ Triglav Trophy トリグラフ杯 in Bled, SLOVENIA!
thanks to: Drsalni klub Jesenice, KLOC|KOC VIZUALIST
April 07-10, 2011

Triglav Trophy 2011 opening ceremony © Kloc|Koc Vizualist

- Akiko SUZUKI closed her ups-and-downs 2010-11 season with a happy ending "West Side Story"(2009-10FS) as the enchanted exhibition program.

Japanese Novice Girls and Novice Boys, Senior Ladies and Senior Men all won their categories in a cozy "Ice Hall" Bled, there was no one but Figure Skating lover, and good people. Everyone encouraged Japanese skaters when they came onto the ice, cheered them on in every element, got crazy when Tatsuki MACHIDA (Senior Men) - 6th place at Nationals this season, a Silver medalist of 4CC last season - killed his quality second 3A(GOE+1.75) in the second half. As Slovenia Skating Union directed a lovely opening ceremony: the kids in a row showed the board, to give a message "JAPAN WE ARE WITH YOU".

European Single skaters brought the grace on the ice. Although Jumps concerned them unlike Japanese, they had their program. Quality skating, dancing footworks, confident performing little boys&girls gave - that magnetized me. They looked like soloist ice dancers. Even Slovenia's Patricia GLESCIC edged Akiko! in Senior Ladies FS. Without favoritism/nationalism, sincere devotion to Figure Skating filled "Ice Hall" so gently.

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子 @ 2011 Triglav Trophy © Kloc|Koc Vizualist
Akiko SUZUKI @ 2011 Triglav Trophy

Akiko SUZUKI overall 147.98 1st place
SP: 57.15 TES31.89 PCS25.26 placed 1st
{3F(e)-2T 0.00, 3Lz +0.70, FCSp4 +0.33, LSp4 +0.33, 2A +0.67, CCoSp4 +0.33, SlSt3 +0.83}
FS: 90.83 TES38.57 PCS52.56 placed 2nd
{3Lz(e) -1.40, 2A-3T< -0.83, 1Lo -0.27 FCCoSp4 +0.50, ChSp1 +1.00 // 1Lz(e) -0.10, 3F<-2T -0.70, 1Lo 0.00, 3S-2T 0.00, FCSp1 +0.33, SlSt2 +0.83, CCoSp4 +0.33}
*correction: Her 3Lz-1Lo-2S of FS in National Winter Sports Championships (Jan.), meant 3Lz - stepping out - secured by 2S.

Despite "flawless performance," her SP, FS was unexpected performance from an Olympian. Though "that I expected, since I have restarted my jumps at this moment." explained a soloist ice dancer - competitive single skater. But her last "Fiddler on the Roof" was not the same program as 4CC and Japan Nationals, that she "couldn't show it's goodness, due to missing jump elements". Missing her jumps also at "Ice Hall", Akiko did visualize various moods of the musical songs: lively 'Prologue/Tradition' - 'Miracle of Miracles', aesthetic but earnest 'Sunrise, Sunset', heavenly 'To Life'. Like the Jews imaginary "fiddler" plays his fiddle on the roof against enemies and death. As a "Colorful Skater" - stunning quote from a little girl age 9, single/ice dancing skater of New Zealand, who watched Akiko at New Zealand Winter Games last season. Akiko smiled and said "I'm not full, need more performing," before Gala performance. Watch how it went!

☞ SP "Jalousie"
☞ FS "Fiddler on the Roof"
☞ EX "West Side Story"
☞ QuickQuote after FS
"I would like to have given a good program, though, I have restarted my jumps, it worked in SP, but not in FS. I have both sides now - good jumping technique and bad jumping technique - it's complicated. For next season, I have to recover my jumps consistency, to show a good program. I give it my all." - Slovenian people so kindly welcome Japan Team & Japanese, and this competition, everyone cheers everyone. "So much people supported us, then I hope I will have a message in my programs as a Figure Skater."

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子 SP @ 2011 Triglav Trophy © Kloc|Koc Vizualist
2011-12SP"Jalousie" @ 2011 Triglav Trophy

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子 FS @ 2011 Triglav Trophy © Kloc|Koc Vizualist
2011-12FS"Fiddler on the Roof"
@ 2011 Triglav Trophy

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子 @ 2011 Triglav Trophy © Kloc|Koc Vizualist

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子 @ 2011 Triglav Trophy © Kloc|Koc Vizualist

photos&videos(except for QuickQuote) © Kloc|Koc Vizualist