Backstage with Japan Skates @ 2012 World Team Trophy
Japan Skates sent our reporters to "WTT" in Tokyo.
thanks to: Robin Ritoss for her splendid photos, and Paja for her sincere illustlations
English/Japanese translation: AIKO SHIMAZU 島津愛子
April. 19-22 in Tokyo, 2012

Chris REED クリス・リード, Cathy REED キャシー・リード, Mervin TRAN マーヴィン・トラン, Narumi TAKAHASHI 高橋成美, Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子,Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔, Kanako MURAKAMI 村上佳菜子, Takahiko KOZUKA 小塚崇彦  Robin Ritoss

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((Interviews: Akiko SUZUKI, Kanako MURAKAMI, Daisuke TAKAHASHI, Takahiko KOZUKA, TAKAHASHI/TRAN, REEDS, Miki ANDO, Patrick CHAN, Carolina KOSTNER
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+++ Akiko SUZUKI mixed zone interviews +++

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子  Robin Ritoss
2012EX"Ladies in Lavender"

::: Wed. team Japan press conference :::

This WTT is the last competition of this season, which is a good season for me, as I have improved on many aspects, so I would like to complete this season here, as a finale, to do my best to support other teammates, competing as team Japan.

- what to expect this WTT
At Worlds, I had one jumping mistake in both SP(3Lz) and FS(3Lz combo in the 2nd half), so hope to fix them, skate clean programs. And also, this is the last time to perform the programs this season, so I hope I can complete to do it in my own way, to skate my heart out. Then I could finish this season to get satisfied.

- On difference between team competition and individual competition
I have been slight-differently tensed here, from individuals, and I guess I have some different responsibility here as well. But I hope we will encourage each other, "get united!" to energize ourselves to compete.

- Thoughts on Sochi Olympics team competition
About competing in Sochi team competition - I'm not sure I would be there, to continue to Sochi. (laughs) But, I'm sure I could do better in team competition with some experience here, if I would have one more season, and another season.

- On coming here shortly after Worlds
You know we set ourselves for peak performance at Worlds, so came back to Japan, I had 4 days-off the ice, then started to train, I was shocked that I couldn't skate well, surprisingly, I hadn't skated like that ever. So I had tried, to "refresh my basic skating skills," focusing on them, my body was going to work better and better, to get well-prepared little by little, I guess.
But mentally, it was so hard to get prepared, as my mind couldn't fit my body. So my coach alerted me, giving alarm. (laughs) Having lots quarrels with him, (laughs) I was going to move well, thankfully. He worked so hard to make me motivated again.

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012SP"Hungarian Rhapsody"

::: after SP :::

67.51(PB) TES36.48 PCS31.03 2nd place
{3T-3T +1.00, 3Lz +0.80, FCSp4 +0.50, 2A +0.86, CCoSp4 +0.71, SlSt4 +1.40, LSp3 +0.71}

(You looked so happy when you finished the program.:) Only NHK Trophy I could make both 3T-3T and 3Lz (and 2A), so I told my coach, "wish a happy ending leap with you." Then we did it, really happy.
(You killed 3Lz which was doubled in Worlds SP.:) I was trying not to repeat that, after I landed the 3T-3T, keeping in mind that I had to focus on next 3Lz. Yet my coach claimed "You were too much carefully entering the 3Lz." (laughs) Yes I was I guess, but I did make it, so I had fixed it.

- About setting a new PB score in SP
I can't say everything was going to be perfect, but I have to say that the crowds were so supportive, their clapping along my performance made me really motivated, perform so well.

- after performing at "team" competition
(after Kanako skated,) I heard good vibes from crowds, so I guess "Kanako had a good performance!" then I had some pressure with it. But I thought it never concerned me, I was pleased to compete together there as a team, going to enjoy the moment as much as possible.

- for FS
It is the ending performance this season, so I have to give myself all, never save my energy, then I hope I will finish the FS with satisfaction, "I had a great season."
(what to focus on:) on jumps, which could not be done perfectly this season so far. I would not like to make the crowds like "Alas!", (laughs) hope to have an entirely-lively performance there.

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012SP"Hungarian Rhapsody"

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Die Fledermaus"

::: after FS :::

120.28 TES57.04 PCS63.24 2nd place overall 187.79(PB) 1st place
{3Lz(e) -0.50, 2A-3T +0.90, 3F +0.70, CCoSp4 +0.57, FCSp4 +0.57, ChSp1 +1.10 // 3Lo-2T-2Lo< -0.70 (planned 3Lo-2Lo-2Lo), 3S +0.90, 2Lz(e)-2T -0.43 (planned 3Lz-2Lo), 1Lo -0.06 (planned 3Lo), SlSt4 +1.10, FCCoSp4 +0.71}

- after her ending competition this season
It was such an ending of the season with a very good result, but, the performance itself wasn't enough to delight, that motivates me to do hard for next season.

- What did you feel on your last footworks with enthusiastic applause?
Receiving great supports from crowds, the other countries skaters, as well, I was so energized, to give my best to the very end.

- Nathalie PECHALAT, a French captain was leading "Akiko" call. (smiles)
(smiles) I had been nervous, but once I heard the great call before performing, I got calm, so pleased. I really thanked them, my coach thanked, too. "what a moment," we responded to it. Was very energized.

- On setting new PB
Well… this season, my performances had hardly deserved these results. …mmmm…(smiles) The result was always better than my performance, as I could have performed better there, so it was, this competition. …really complicated feeling, which I don't know how to describe. But, these kind of good results makes me confident, and also, motivated to "do hard!", as I'm never satisfied with these performances.

- after competing in WTT
Before I came here, I wasn't fit, both mentally and physically after Worlds, I was so concerned that I hadn't been fully prepared. Since I came here, getting motivated more and more, "get united" to give our all, then I made good results. Even with skaters of other countries, we supported each other, so really enjoyed this competition. I was so happy to compete here.

- Could it motivate you to compete for Sochi Olympics?
Well… about Sochi… I'm not sure how long I have competed. But for next season, yes, "I will do it again," to compete.

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Die Fledermaus"

::: the day after FS :::

- How do you feel now?
This time I'm still disappointed, apparently. I was hoping to give my best FS, but it didn't come true, (smiles) …mmmmm… disappointed, a little bit.

- after competing as the team Japan
You know team Japan, generally everyone has good friendship with others, then feeling close even more to them, we're more united, and I guess everyone is going to be motivated for next season. I think I had such good experience here.

- Do you think it would be affected, your individual performance if you attend to both team competition and individual competition at Sochi Olympics? particularly on mental aspects?
Regarding Vancouver Olympics, I had met my first big competition of my skating career, that was "Olympic Games", since I had never competed in Worlds. Then mentally I had been… kind of… shaky there. So, I don't know how to restart myself for individual competition after that team competition. I guess mentally I must be strong enough there, physically, of course, but I'm not sure for now.
(You meant you must be strong "enough to have more competitions there"?:) You know everyday we have run-throughs, so it's no problem on physical aspects, but mentally, "in competition" you're going to lose your energy a lot, so it could cause you problems.

- for next season
(what to plan:) I'm going to make new programs soon, planning the programs to show my unread persona. I have to talk to people about that, but myself I would like to have different taste from my current programs. Technically, I had done 3T-3T this season, but I don't have to get satisfied with it. I'm going to upgrade my jumps, as I have tried to get my total package to the next stage, hope you will feel so. If you continue to compete, you're going to get improved more and more, then you encounter "the third kind", (laughs) but you don't have to define your way, like "I should do in such a way". You don't have to care about what other people have done. I'm just going to my own challenging goal to get improved.
(Any particular element do you think about?:) A 3F-3T, which I "left in Quebec City at GPF," according to my coach, (laughs) it hasn't come back to me so far, in GPF somehow I had done there actually, though. Then after Worlds in Nice it was going to come to me, but it hasn't come. So I have tried to win it back. I'm so motivated to do that in the same reason as trying 3T-3T this summer, "it's so close, - no, it could be available, so I'll make it happen!" I hope to do it in competitions.

- When did you decide to continue competing next season?
Actually I did announce that yesterday, but… At Worlds, on interviews after that competition I couldn't think of my next season, but "as time goes by", (laughs) I was going to make a planner for next season - when & with whom I make programs… actually, I got its appointment already, (laughs) thus, I had decided since then.
But, yesterday, I had such disappointment, that "I can never quit with this performance!" I found myself got determined by heart. And also, I found that still I would like to make a team, to represent Japan. Before I came here, I was not sure if I could get ready enough to "fight" next season, now I'm sure still I don't wanna lose, (laughs) so I'm going to move on a little more.

- Also have you made a planner by your leaving time from the competitive ice, sorted it in descending order?
"sort in descending order"… myself, I'm not able to do that, so I have to make a planner for one season, to do my best with all my heart every season, …something like that? As I can't see when I quit. I see that I will leave when I can't see myself competing anymore, rather than I will leave when "it's time".

- What makes you decide to compete next season?
I wasn't satisfied with my performances, that makes me continue. Overall, this season was so good, with good results, but that didn't make sense, as I couldn't feel I gave my all in every competition, like "I could have given it more!" Then I would like to complete it.
And also, of course Daisuke(TAKAHASHI) makes me motivated, "He does skate his heart out - so do I!" This WTT he skated clean, gave a fantastic free skate, which I couldn't make happen. So, yesterday I felt I was kind of defeated by him… like a loser, but you know we have competed in the same category never ever!(laughs) Although, I have tried not to lose, to run to him as soon as possible. His effort has encouraged me so much.

- You're still fresh, even though you are a veteran competitor,
Akiko: I'm not so fresh. (laughs)
How have you cared for your physical well-being?
In fact, at this moment my body has met the best momentum so far, as in training session I could work more than before, I guess, yet I can't recover sooner than before, so I have to care for cool-down, that is of such importance from now on.
Also, the quality of sleep or nourishment, that I should manage by myself, that I really care for.
In addition, You need some day-off, but you may not make a jump-start after that, so I have to care for how to take my day-off. I'm never refreshed after a day-off, differently from my young-self. With my body and daily basis, I have to make a pace, of my own. The best way to make a pace in order to keep fit and well - it's changing day by day, I have tried to consider what is the best. But I would like to work harder, so lively while I'm available for tough use.

Akiko SUZUKI 鈴木明子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Die Fledermaus"

☞ ((translation)) Akiko SUZUKI massage for fans @ FSWJ meeting on April 23, 2012

+++ Kanako MURAKAMI mixed zone interviews +++

::: Wed. team Japan press conference :::

This season I have been struggling with FS, so I focus on it, to give it my all.

- what to expect this WTT
Both at All-Japan Nationals and Worlds, I had a so good SP but disappointing FS. So I expect clean programs in the end of this season, that's so ideal, as I just expect a satisfying FS.

- On difference between team competition and individual competition
In individual competitions, I'm going to have a lot nerve, but this time I have a lot responsibility not to get in the way of team Japan winning. That's the biggest difference.

- On coming here shortly after Worlds
After Worlds, I'm going to feel "finish! the season". Although I had tried to "do hard for the competition!", I couldn't be motivated. Having tough trainings I'm getting in-form a bit, since about a week ago.

Kanako MURAKAMI 村上佳菜子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012SP"Violin Muse"

::: after SP :::

63.78(PB) TES34.52 PCS29.26 3rd place
{3T-3T +1.30, 3F +0.20, FSSp4 +0.29, LSp3 +0.50, 2A +0.57, SlSt4 +1.20, CCoSp4 +0.86}

I was so tensed, but I barely made no mistake, that made me satisfied.
(Your face seemed to wear lots of tension, as well.:) Actually I did try to wear a "smile!", but I couldn't. "What's wrong!?" I was concerned, but I made no mistake, good for me! Entering 3T-3T, I was stumbling a little bit, but I had some confidence to make it, to keep calm and carry on.
(The highlight of this SP:) The 3T-3T, I guess.

- after performing at "team" competition
If you wear tension, you'll get calm hearing your teammate cheering "GO!", then you'll feel so nice to get compliments from them, "Good job!" "Nicely-done!"
(You also cheered Akiko[SUZUKI].:) Yes, I did! I did believe in Akko(Akiko's nickname), she could do it! (smiles) So good for her!

- for FS
This season I haven't been fit for FS, it has gone so bad. So I hope to do it the best in the last performance.
(what to focus on:) 3Lo and 3T-3T, wanna make them, yet at Worlds, I did make them but failed in other jumps, so I hope to put all things together. "Do Focus!"

Kanako MURAKAMI 村上佳菜子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012SP"Violin Muse"

Kanako MURAKAMI 村上佳菜子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Violin Concerto"

::: after FS :::

95.84 TES37.73 PCS58.11 8th place overall 159.62 6th place
{3Lz< -1.60, 3Lo< -0.70, 3F +0.20, LSp4 +0.57, FSSp4 +0.21, ChSp1 +1.20 // 2T -0.09 (planned 3T-3T), 1F~2A -0.07 (planned 3F~2A), 3T< -0.80 (planned 2A), SlSt3 +0.50, 3S<-2T<<(landing on two feet)-1Lo -2.00 (planned 3S-2Lo-2Lo), CCoSp4 +0.57}

After a really pleasant SP, I had such an incomplete FS, - that was a little bit disappointing.

- On failing in 3T-3T(solo 2T)
(You seemed to say "Ah!":) Because I thought I could make it, but I was kinda going energetic too much. I intended to do 3T-3T again (still she could do 3T x 2 times), at the 2A(6th jump), but I didn't, as I would fail in it again unfortunately. (She made a 3T< there.)

- On team Japan winning
I'm so glad that team Japan could win, but I did get in the way of it, I'm so disappointed. Akiko had done really well, and we got it, that makes me so happy.

- After competing in WTT
I enjoyed this competition so much, a lot of fun with the other countries skaters! I watched them cheering, that's great experience for me, as I competed as a team for the first time. Although I'm not sure if I make a Sochi Olympic team, of team competition, I learned a lot from this competition, how to cheer, what to play in the boxes, that could work for me there.

Kanako MURAKAMI 村上佳菜子  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Violin Concerto"

::: the day after FS :::

- How do you feel now?
A little bit disappointed, but I got really motivated to do hard for next season.

- after competing in WTT
The last 3 competitions(4CC,Worlds,WTT), I had good SP and bad FS in each competition, that's so disappointing, but I'm so happy with Japan's winning this time.
This team, everyone is a fun person and so sweet, then they had really supported me, as the youngest one. I could have great experience, such a fun moment.

- Some journalist asked "Now you have experienced a team competition, do you want to compete in also Olympic team competition, or not?"
Well… um, but if I make its team, and I can have another competition after competing in individual's, I would like to compete there. There could be a bit tiredness with me, but still a lot fun, I'm not sure if it could be fun as same as here, (laughs) but I want to compete. (But team competition would be scheduled before individuals.:) What!? …If we could get ready again for individuals? (laughs) But still I want to compete if I could make its team.

- About the reason why she had "good SP and bad FS"
I did a good SP in the practices, but in competitions some worries about jumps caught me, going to be concerned to enter the jumps. I guess that caused bad FS.
But in SP, I had some confidence with my jumps, like "I can do it!" with all my heart, going to be naturally to enter the jumps, make them with momentum. So I hope to do that in FS, too.

- for next season
(what to plan:) I'm just planning to have various 3-3, as I hope to have new 3-3 in FS, not 3T-3T. I don't know how is it like, but I'm really looking forward to making new programs.
In May, I'm going to USA, to make SP and FS, but FS I haven't defined its schedule with Marina(ZUEVA), but will collaborate with her.
(about her boots issue:) The boots I have worn after Trophee Eric Bompard, this is the best, it fits me well, so it hasn't troubled anymore. For next season, I'm going to try various boots to fit me even better. Usually, I choose the best one among the boots from the same brand, but this time, I can choose it among tons of boots, (laughs) that my mother bought at various shops when she went to competitions. So I'm gonna try them, then I'll pick the boots "that's it!".
At this moment, my boots is the custom model by "Jackson", it's well-customized to fit my foot, feels so comfortable, so, it's likely to be the best, I guess, but I'm gonna try other boots - you'll see.

- Some journalist asked "How do you feel about Yuruzu, who won a Worlds bronze?"
In junior years, we were doing so hard in the same competition, in some of competitions both of us won there. We have gotten momentum together, so far. Now we're talking, "If we compete together, definitely we can get really motivated. So next season let's try to qualify for such as GPF!"

- About her very fist rotational lift with Daisuke(TAKAHASHI) in team EX
(laughs) In the morning practice, I did it for the first time, in run-through we couldn't meet its timing, to fall together. (laughs) It was so hard, very tensed to perform there. Somehow in the beginning we're gonna be good, "Wow! gonna be OK!," yet the rotating was gonna be so faster than the practice, "gonna so faster!" I found, "Too Much Fast!" I was crying to claim his attention in the end. (laughs) Although, it was so fun!

Kanako MURAKAMI 村上佳菜子  Robin Ritoss

+++ Daisuke TAKAHASHI mixed zone interviews +++

::: Wed. team Japan press conference :::

It's the last competition of the season, so I would like to do give myself all to both SP and FS, skate my heart out! And also I hope to lead my teammates, I should do so? (everyone there laughs) and hope my performances will get them motivated, like a spearhead.

- what to expect this WTT
At Worlds I had succeeded in 4Ts of both SP/FS for the first time since I got injured. So I hope to do it again, to make both SP and FS 4Ts. It's my task of this WTT, I suppose.

- Thoughts on Sochi Olympics team competition
As it is going to be held for the first time in Olympic Games, actually I don't know how it's scheduled, if its entries are not same as individual competition, so I'm not sure its circumstances unless I do compete in it. But, I think it's mentally hard to have both of competitions, you would be struggling with preparations to get you motivated for both of competitions.
And also, you must consider how to compete, trying to reach "your own goal" or "team's goal", in a "challenging" way or "defensive" way. If I can make the team, I would learn that, but I can't see that at this moment.

- On coming here shortly after Worlds
Before Worlds, I had trained so hard, and gave myself all at Worlds, then actually there were nothing left, to get me mentally motivated. So I hadn't had worked hard enough, but had trained like "conditioning" for this competition.

Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012SP"In the Garden of Souls"

::: after SP :::

94.00(WR) TES49.71 PCS44.29 1st place
{4T +0.71 (planned 4T-3T), 3A +2.00, FSSp4 +0.71, 3Lz-3T +0.80 (planned 3Lz), CCSp3 +0.79, SlSt4 +1.60, CCoSp4 +1.00}

As for jumps, I had succeeded in them all, that's good, but in footworks I had wobbled a lot and spins were not so much definitive, so… I don't think it deserved this score (World Record), which is "overpriced", isn't it? (smiles) But I do think it deserved, that crowds were so enthusiastic in cheering me, it should be worth for this score. (smiles) something like that. Anyway, I have done it without any critical mistake, that's good for me.

- On setting new World Record(94.00)
For me, you know that's "too much", a bit surprised with the score, as I had mistakes in footworks, which were never happened this season so far. So I feel it's a "goodwill" sign. But its sign means a lot to me from now, I must try not to fade it, the positive rating I was given here. Much too early to say about next season, (laughs) but I, kind of, hope to keep it next season, too.

- On jumps
In the morning practice, I wasn't fit for them very much, so I had been worrying, "could I kill them in the competition?" Now I'm relieved that I did all, except for a 4T-3T combination, I did make a solo 4T, though. Anyway, I have FS tomorrow, really worry about it. So I don't have to get myself relaxed at this point.

- About a solo 4T, which was planned 4T-3T
This time it was successful, I guess, as it was supposed to be a 4T, I didn't intend 4T-3T so eagerly. I intended like "pull the 3T down, if the 4T is beautifully-landed." I guess I could get prepared for this situation, as I could have failed in it, if I did try 4T-3T. Then I didn't, because I remembered the one in Worlds SP.

- About his warm-up before competitions
Before wearing the boots, I always make jumps on the ground, that makes sense. - You know how your body works right now. (And how it worked today?:) I felt it worked quite well, and I expected I was gonna be okay, but you never know if you're okay in the competition. So I was trying to have a good self image.

- On trainings after Worlds
There wasn't enough time to push myself to the limit. Although, if you push yourself too hard, you would get mentally down. So I had trained like "conditioning", trying not to get my body overworked.

- Some journalist asked "Were you a respectable captain today?"
I'm not sure. (laughs) maybe that's it today. (laughs) I hope today's performance will encourage Ladies, get them motivated. Well, I guess I did my job today.

- Some journalist asked "It's gonna a party or something, how do you think about that?"
I think "you never win unless you do your job." So, you must concentrate on your own performance before the competition. When I finish my competition, I will cheer my heart out for our team. You know, we haven't competed in this atmosphere before, so, mostly we haven't such an idea, how to do in the boxes. I think we could learn it at every team competition, and what to do in the boxes could run up-to-date. …you know what I'm saying? even I don't know what I'm saying! (laughs)

- for FS
It's time to get determined tomorrow, I'm going to try to have no mistake, do make a "perfect program of mine", and also, I hope that performance will help our team move forward to the victory, as much as possible.
(What is needed for the "perfect program"?:) I suppose, "determination" could make it happen. With "guts" I'm going to do that.

Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012SP"In the Garden of Souls"

Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔  Robin Ritoss
SP Kiss&Cry

Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Blues for Klook"

::: after FS :::

182.72(PB) TES89.14 PCS93.58 overall 276.72(PB) 1st place
{4T +0.14, 3A +1.86, 3S +1.00 CCSp3 +0.64, CiSt4 +2.14, FCCoSp4 +0.71 // 3A-3T< -0.71, 3F-2T +0.70, 3Lo +0.80, 3Lz-2T +0.30 (planned 3Lz-2T-2Lo), 3F +0.90, ChSt1 +1.80, CCoSp4 +0.93}

It was the very end of the season, and I skated really comfortably there, so happy for that.
(Yesterday you said "for me, I had some mistakes in SP," after a WR-setting performance, then did you have today?:) Looking at details, I might have some mistakes, but, no matter what, I've really enjoyed this comfortable performance, without any critical mistake, I'm so glad that, and also, I could contribute to team Japan, really pleased with it.
(You had the more emotional reacting after the performance, than usual.:) I had been concerned since this morning. Then I got relieved, and really calm down, thus, you saw that.

- How did it taste, today's blues?
It was not supposed to be "interpreted", you know, I guess "blues" weathers along with its atmosphere. Then it was so fine today, such a great feeling now.

- On his condition around this WTT
As for quad, they weren't fit very much, but I made 2 quad (SP1FS1), that was really "surprising"… - said a little exaggerated, but I was so glad. At Worlds I did make it, that made me confident, to go ahead to do it again this WTT, "make both SP and FS 4Ts". And I did do it again, that could make me even more confident, that's really good experience for me.

- On setting new PB
I'm so pleased with the score given to me, but you know, which included the only 1 quad (in FS). "I'm never going to win, if I have still only 1 quad (in FS) next season," I guess. Today's performance was a good stepping stone for next, and it proved to me that I would earn the points like this, if I could make correctly like this.
(After 4 years you did set new PB, how do you feel about that?:) I haven't any particular feeling on that, rather than I have realized that, wasn't supposed at all. I was going to "do my best, my own performance!", then I did it consequently… so, to be honest I haven't felt so much about what I've done yet. However, I do realize that I should be a matching skater with the PB. You know, even if you hit PB this competition, but you can never do well next season, that doesn't make sense. Now I have to consider how to do next.

- And you did defeat Patrick CHAN, won a gold here.
YES! um… surprised, and pleased. I hadn't any hope, but I was getting closer and closer to him, step by step. Then finally, …I don't know whether I deserved to win, as I could not watch both of our performances, but this winning makes me feel confident, for sure. I'm never going to indulge myself, I have to push myself for next season, as Patrick will do, definitely. Not so much indulgence, but a little break I'm going to have, then I can give myself all, for next season.

- On the season 2011-12
This season, entirely, it was the season I could win back my confidence - I consider. (After he got injured) I hadn't believed in my skating not so much, even though I won an Olympics bronze and Worlds gold… to be honest. Therefore, I called it "the season my confidence came back to me".

(Daisuke thanked journalists after the interview)
Thanks so much. I appreciate your affection this season, as well as I should do for your tons of worries about me last season, (laughs) I'm so grateful that you have supported me by the end of the season.

Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Blues for Klook"

::: the day after FS :::

- How do you feel now?
I have done all individual work of this season, so I'm just relieved, but not relaxed, as I'm still working (as a "captain") on this competition.

- You're really working for team Japan.
(laughs) well, I'm not sure… but I guess I did my job in charge. I hope I can energize my teammates more and more.

- And also, you won this WTT gold as a captain of team Japan, how were your teammates reacting?
They said "Congrats!" made me happy, and also, other countries' skaters celebrated, they were awaiting my score in rumbling hilariously by foot, that you can never see, so really happy for that.

- You settled all 9+ points of PCS in FS.
I always compares my PCS to other skaters', as I want to win on PCS, so much. …Even if its scores were overrated, I'm not sure, but I'm so pleased that those judges gave me all 9+, which made me feel confident. You know, it's rare, so I'm even happier with it.

- The Highlight of 2011-12 season
I pick "Worlds". I was going to have so hard trainings, then I did my best, …in SP I did have some mistakes, that doesn't matter, I did kill 4Ts in such extreme tension; My trainings made me confident, and it worked. - Those all steps for Worlds, I call it the highlight of the season.

- for next season
(what to plan:) I do know how important it is, that I have 2 quads in FS, which I'm going to work on mainly at this moment. (what kind of quad?:) Toeloop. (and Flip?:) (laughs) I haven't planned to have it, but I would like to train it next season. I hope to have 2 4Ts in FS, so I'm going to work harder. …Yet, I'm going to consider circumstances, it weathers, you know.
(On new programs:) I haven't planned what to do next, haven't enough time to think about, but I have only 2 years to go (by Sochi Olympics), so I hope to try various options, to consider from now.
I wonder what to plan, how taste is, that I'm really thinking for now. Then I'm going to execute when it's defined.

- Some journalist asked "You did defeat Patrick CHAN, for the very first time since 2010. Then how could it repeat, to top Men?"
(smiles) …mmmm… Currently I don't think so, "to top Men". As Patrick hadn't dominated this WTT, he didn't lead after SP. I won while Patrick had some mistakes. If both of us deliver our perfect programs, I guess Patrick's would earn more points than mine. So, I need to repeat it, to do work hard step by step next season, then I hope to win finally like this season.

- after competing in WTT
(On the difference from individual competition:) I feel how to compete is not so much different, but I felt different determination, as my teammates cheered me in the boxes. It had really helped me.
(And did you feel different pressure, too?:) Unlike "pressure", I felt some good tension, "to be a contributor of our victory". I think… I hoped "my performance can give determination to others performance!" there.

- On his off-season
(Japanese journalists tradition: asking "what do you want to do now, after wrapping up this long season?":) (laughs) I want to have a break. (smiles) I want to have some chillax trainings without any pressure and stress.
(And how long have you had a break?:) I don't think it's so long, but I'm going to take a mental break.

Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔  Robin Ritoss
Team Japan Captain awarded a gold medal @ 2012 WTT

+++ Takahiko KOZUKA mixed zone interviews +++

::: Wed. team Japan press conference :::

Anyway, I would like to give what I can do at this moment! for team Japan to make a good pass like a relay. …and, hope I will be supported by teammates this competition. (laughs)

- what to expect this WTT
You know this team competition will be held in Olympics, it's officially announced, so I should bring Olympic Spirits here, to "strive", to give my all by the very end of this competition, that I expect of myself first of all.

- Thoughts on Sochi Olympics team competition
I had participated in team competition - National Winter Sports Championships in Jan.(in Nagoya). Although I'm not sure how it's going on in Olympics, but I do know its positive/negative aspect to compete, "you could support each other" - its plus side, "you should never get in the way of your team winning" - its very tensed, minus side. I guess this team Japan could deal with its plus side.

- On coming here shortly after Worlds
Before I came here I had helped my professor at college, working for his seminar. He said, "On researching, once you decide your way, you'll go on its way." That means you should not try so many ways, but you have to move forward on the way, so had I, to get myself motivated for this competition, since I decided to compete here.
As for this competition, I guess it's a testament to me, how to get in peak condition, how to motivate, how to fit mentally, I have tried to deal with.

Takahiko KOZUKA 小塚崇彦  Robin Ritoss
2011-12SP"Inner Urge"

::: after SP :::

73.61 TES37.83 PCS37.78 -2.00(falls) 8th place
{4T(fall) -3.00, 3A +1.29, FSSp4 +0.93, 3Lz+COMBO(fall) -2.10 (planned 3Lz-3T), CCSp4 +0.57, SlSt4 +1.10, CCoSp4 +0.64}

I'm so regret that I repeated the mistakes of Worlds. But this time I felt "I can land jumps", differently from Worlds. In the very end of landing, my heel was caught, that bad reacting affected them today. Still I have good rotation on jumping, so I'll fix its reacting, keep focused by the very end of landing. I never give up. Daisuke(TAKAHASHI) can't rise his placement(1st after SP) anymore, so I should add more points to team Japan, to contribute to my team.

- On his mistakes of jumps
As for 4T(fall), actually I felt I could make it at its takeoff, but I found myself falling at the end of landing. I knew my (left) heel got caught on the ice, which I have to fix… "that I would fix," I guess. You know, those jumps were never doubled, or uncontrolled, so those should be fixed, in my opinion.

- after performing at "team" competition
As I said, here is its minus side, "you should never get in the way of your team winning", as well as its plus side: your teammates have taken care of you after performing, have cheered you in performing too, that's a very special moment of team competition. I think that's very good for Olympics, to hold such a team competition.

- for FS
I have 3 tasks: those mistakes of jumps have been repeated, so I must kill them, stay focused by the very end of landing; now I must just do it, not to get its program flopped; then I must contribute to team Japan victory.

Takahiko KOZUKA 小塚崇彦  Robin Ritoss
2011-12SP"Inner Urge"

Takahiko KOZUKA 小塚崇彦  Robin Ritoss
2011-12FS"Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"

::: after FS :::

151.69 TES75.25 PCS77.44 -1.00(fall) 5th place overall 225.30 6th place
{4T(fall) -3.00, 3Lz-3T +0.10 (planned 4T-2T), 3A +1.43, CCoSp4 +0.64, CiSt4 +1.30 // 1A-2T-2Lo 0.00 (planned 3A-2T-2Lo), FSSp4 +0.71, 3F +1.20, 3Lo 0.00, 3S +0.60, 3Lz-2T 0.00 (planned 3Lz-3T), ChSt1 +1.00, FCCoSp4 +0.86}

In comparison with yesterday's performance, today's was of a different mind… I had it the first ever this season, sounds strange, though.
I think… I felt I was of athleticism there, I was an athlete… something like that.
This season was like… I had been in too much calm-minded, then, yesterday, Marina(ZUEVA) and me could talk a bit, she gave me an advice, "I have one thing to ask you," "studying - of importance, college - of importance, skating - of importance, you're living with such importance now. And I see your face is of frustration. How are you?"
I don't know how to explain… but I guess she struck my chord. …mmmm…(smiles) Into the competition, as an athlete, …I hadn't soul or hadn't run in athletes' blood so much - that I found when Marina was talking. So, today I haven't read any paper, (smiles) coming into this FS, but I had still mistakes, made me disappointed. Yet, as I said, it was of a different mind, of the same mind as last season a little bit. So good for me, I found that by this season, in the very end of the season.
Nonetheless, I did make mistakes, to work hard for next season… or, I have to work on cheering my teammate really harder, right now! (laughs)

- You had some mistakes of jumps, nonetheless! you settled all Level4 on spins and footworks. Could you tell us about its plus side?
You know I had been in calm-minded, so handled them(spins/footworks). But you can't handle the sport itself, if you are of calmness.
"Soul"- you must have, …you must "charge", you must be of an emotional charge, that I found today, then consequently it was the best side of today's performance.

- You finished your last performance of FS"Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", which was made of an emotional charge as you introduced it (after the disaster in Japan). What did you expect of your last performance?
This FS I hadn't made jump elements enough, had been struggling with them throughout the season. Then I expected I could make jumps and good spins, moreover, I hoped to skate in order to express my emotions by the music, that was of importance, and what genuine Figure Skating is.

- This season you were struggling with boots problem as well. What do you expect of your next season, which is the season before Olympics?
Now I think I should have "one season to Sochi Olympics", unlike I have one and another season to Sochi. As Marina told me "Now you have only 2 seasons to Sochi, and also, you have now-or-never chance to Sochi. I guess you may work on college study after Olympics. Why not?"
I guess I'm working on both studying and skating, that's why it's not gonna work completely… - here is my logic, you can work for 16 hours in a day, 24 hours. But you can work for only 8 hours, if you have 2 things to do. Then its running time per thing is actually 1/3 day, as I'm able to think of skating for only 1/3 day. Now I think if I repeat it next season, I can't be competitive anymore, among such Men, in such a high level. I remember Nobuo(SATO: Taka&Mao's coach) said Mao last season, "He who hunts two hares leaves one and loses the other," that he did tell me 2 years ago. Marina reminded me, as well. That I should keep in mind from now, as I feel I'm likely to lose the one.

Takahiko KOZUKA 小塚崇彦  Robin Ritoss
2011-12FS"Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"

::: the day after FS :::

- How do you feel now?
feeling like, "…The season ended," now I'm relieved, or moving forward, or… in between. Actually there's nothing to think about.

- On the season 2011-12
This season, mentally… as I said yesterday, mostly I hadn't been of an emotional charge, soul of athlete. I had been challenging, but athlete needs more, …like blood sweat and tears, …wearing the determination under the beauty, I'm not sure how to describe… athlete feels like a "swan"? (smiles) something like that? So, I hadn't been like that in competitions this season. …I feel I did "keep calm" too much, as I said. That I found after this FS, in the very end of the season. I'm going to keep it in mind, for next season.
(the reason why he lacked soul of athlete:) Basically, I'm going to be "thinking" before doing things, I have been always in logical-minded, but it's too much this season, terribly distinctive.
I guess, "studying and sport could be opposed," I'm exaggerating a bit. But Marina told me that as well. I think "If the 2 hares are opposed, it's never gonna easy, hunting the 2 hares."
(On his performance this season:) I couldn't make completed FS, but I could make a good free skate, as I did yesterday, skated to my favorite song, skated so comfortably. I was feeling so fine with it, and "was really fine," some judge's compliment it was given as well. Some people asked "Nausicaa is likely to remain next season?" "No. I will change program." "I miss it so much!," thankfully said to me, I'm so pleased with such a positive response.

- for next season
(what to plan:) I've just finished this season, so I haven't planned what to do at this moment. Now I should think of "balance between skating and studying", as Marina said yesterday. "balance between skating and studying", it sounds strange, but actually I'm off-balance in such circumstances: I must be competitive among these top skaters in the world, as well as I must go to my graduate school, to make papers. I haven't completed both of them. I was feeling "I can never be competitive in such Men scene," throughout the season, seriously. I should talk with a lot people about how to handle them. Now I must leave for the goal(Sochi), the duration: one and a half year, so I must make a lot decisions soon.
(On his boots:) At this moment I'm going to change its brand. You know, you won't stay concerned with your boots, so "changing brand" is your new option.
(The words from Nobuo SATO:) He and I talked about the "balance", and trainings. …mmmm… actually he gave me the same quote as I said yesterday, "He who hunts two hares leaves one and loses the other," again. (smiles) He added, "mostly you couldn't continue training as same as last season, even though you had lots of problems. Then it affected your jumps this season, caused a little, unwanted mistakes." "You must consider how to train, think of practice time, and your motivation," "Do focus on skating," claimed Nobuo.

- Do you have any "amazing discovery" in WTT, watching other categories in the boxes?
Basically, in competitions I'm going to watch other categories at the venue, so this competition I haven't dug up something new, but sitting in the boxes, I would like to excavate good personalities of each category. You know, I'm sitting in the premium seat!, (laughs) really happy to watch various competitions, various performances in front of my very eyes, or, I'm not only happy, but also serious in the boxes, "Do learn something!" …anyway, I have enjoyed at the Kiss&Cry!

Takahiko KOZUKA 小塚崇彦  Robin Ritoss
2011-12EX"Cello Song"

+++ TAKAHASHI/TRAN mixed zone interviews +++

::: Wed. team Japan press conference :::

Mervin TRAN:

(Mervin was named the person to speak) "Ichiban(the first among team Japan)!" (laughs) We have tried to skate in the determined way as same as Worlds, as our category is so close to compete, you'll be defeated so easily.

- what to expect this WTT
At Worlds, we missed 3S, so we're going to fix it this competition, other than that, if we can skate like we did at Worlds, I'll get so satisfied.

- About Sochi Olympics
We have a nationality issue, we're going to figure out how to do after this competition.

- On coming here shortly after Worlds
Last season we were skating in Junior and Senior B, we were able to go laid down after going conditioning, to bring backups to top the things, and we did the same thing.


From the beginning to the very end, I'll give myself all.

- what to expect this WTT
At Worlds, we had a good FS, but had some mistakes, so we're going to skate perfectly, "without any question".

- On difference between team competition and individual competition
You have responsibility for not only your own competition. In competitions you're going to get motivated in a different way, as your teammates cheer you. But, the most important thing is to "do your best" you know, so, I'm not sure if there is such big difference at this moment.

- On coming here shortly after Worlds
Immediately after Worlds we were able to be back in Japan, and we're nicely welcome to the rink where we had trained so well. For 2 weeks or so, we had been staying focused during the good sessions, "even we're motivated more than Worlds," I guess.

高橋成美 Narumi TAKAHASHI マーヴィン・トラン Mervin TRAN  Robin Ritoss

::: after SP :::

64.92 TES34.64 PCS30.28 1st place
{3S -1.40 (TAKAHASHI: touch down with one hand), 3LzTw3 +1.10, 3STh +1.00, PCoSp3 +0.64, 3Li4 +1.00, SlSt4 +1.00, FiDs4 +1.40}

Narumi: We had kept calm to make a neat program, I'm so satisfied.
Mervin: exciting, and happy, for this time we're able to contribute to the team, last time our WTT was just kinda where we attended, so happy this time, to keep on.

- Yesterday you hadn't a competition, so were you feeling "Can't wait!" for this SP?
Narumi: Yes we were! Yesterday I was so high in cheering, got too much high… got tired. (laughs)
Mervin: When I watch skating I wanna skate for myself, after yesterday watching everyone's skate very near, more elated to today's our achieve.

- The Tw(ist)Li(ft) was so high, as well.
Narumi: For both of us, there was nothing to slow us down, but much confidence to enter it, like "Just Do It!" I set myself. So it got such a great height.
Mervin: Doing into the twist, I was very focused to do twist, actually such a high twist! I would actually have been mistaking steps, (laughs) cos I was so focused on the twist.

- Narumi, you seemed to be nodding after the performance, what did you give it for?
Narumi: A nod for the good performance, even better performance than Worlds, like "Satisfied!", as I was worrying if I couldn't give a better one.
Mervin: The question for her, Narumi? um… it wasn't sure what's going on her! (laughs)

- On their placement(1st after SP)
Narumi: I'm so happy, as we're so close to compete, and we hadn't made a perfect program. But we could be placed 1st, that makes us confident for tomorrow.
Mervin: Very happy, as she said we're in so close level, even going through the season, so happy that… we weren't perfect today, but we had so stronger stuff.

- for FS
Narumi: This is the last performance, very! end! of the season. So we're going to give ourselves ALL! with no regrets but much satisfaction.
Mervin: It's been… re-wrap two good programs this season, as we did at Worlds, very last time to perform, so tomorrow's skating event is everything!

- About difference from their last WTT
Narumi: In the last WTT, we, ourselves got so happy with our performance, that was respectable for us… to place us in 6th, though. But this WTT if we could make it like last WTT, we would be placed higher, to get some points for team Japan, I expect. I'm so looking forward to doing that, guess Mervin is, too.
Mervin: Very different from how it was going like, this time we're happy to be the part of the team, leading the charge for the team.

(The song YMCA was playing there, that made them almost dancing.)

- How do you feel after the Worlds bronze-winning performance in Japan?
Narumi: I saw a lot Japanese flags, and crowds seemed to remember our names, I heard them cheering "Go!" with our names. Really happy for that. I haven't heard that not in Japan.
Mervin: I love to perform in Japan, for that is always great, I love to perform next time, every time we come always better to perform. So, especially this time see they supporting for us, feeling is very good.

- What made your triple twist?
Narumi: We had made such a high double twist among juniors. Then we need not so much time to train other elements, so going to be able to focus on it more and more. I think that's why, mainly.
Mervin: We had really really great double twist, that's what help us we keep having a consistent good triple twist, and last year we had nice double Level4 twist, we weren't soon gonna triple twist, cos nice, perfect one we wanted for that, and… there is.

高橋成美 Narumi TAKAHASHI マーヴィン・トラン Mervin TRAN  Robin Ritoss

高橋成美 Narumi TAKAHASHI マーヴィン・トラン Mervin TRAN  Robin Ritoss
2011-12FS"Concerto de Quebec"

::: after FS :::

112.64 TES54.82 PCS59.82 -2.00(falls) 4th place overall 177.56 3rd place
{3LzTw2 +0.90, 3S<(TAKAHASHI/TRAN: fall) -2.10, 1T(TAKAHASHI)~2T -0.40 (planned 3T-2T), BoDs4 +1.30, FCCoSp3 +0.29 // 5ALi4 +1.30, 3STh -1.70 (touch down with two hands), 3TTh +0.20, PCoSp4 +0.71, 3Li4 +1.00, ChSp1 +0.90, 5TLi4 +0.71}

Narumi: I wasn't satisfied with today's performance, at all. With so much regret, we couldn't show our best there.
Although we had some mistakes, the program itself wasn't affected, we were still able to show our goodness, that is our new goodness, such a great improvement which we hadn't last season.
Mervin: Wasn't the best, for we were stuck, though its place this is my fault, at least we could earn our decent points for Japan.

- In Worlds after SP you noted "we're not defending our 3rd place, but challenge!" so, today how were you going to perform?
Narumi: "challenge"… we couldn't, but I guess still we're not "defensive". However, we might not be ready to move forward, I guess, so I'll watch our video, to consider how to do next time.
Mervin: The parts of it were seemed like Worlds but once on the ice, bad skating I felt so much in the moment.

- Narumi, you said after performing, "got a haze," how did you feel?
Narumi: Actually in performing I had a haze, unable to keep a clear head, as I couldn't care for details of my moves, "right hand should move like this, left hand like that." - if I kept a bit calmer, I could have done it… So, "wanna do it once again!" something like that, I wasn't satisfied what I have done there.
(Why were you unable to keep calm?:) The warm-up was enough, and I re-wore boots taking enough time, everything was gonna be okay, but, …well, I wasn't lucky enough.

- Some journalist asked "Did you have any pressure? as you competed without 1st place and 2nd place pairs of Worlds."
Narumi&Mervin: Even at Worlds, we had such a close competition, then won a bronze, and this time we couldn't. We compete, but we never fight against others, as it's a competition. In a competition you'll win if you do well, and you won't, if you don't, you know.

- On the ending recovery
Narumi: Our coach always says "One element, in the moment". So we never got affected, upset by mistakes, we were going to give us a hundred percent to every single element.
Mervin: You'll feel upset at the end of mistake, like how long I was shocked, yet getting me up to get most our Levels, though I haven't seen it yet, but caught as much as possible.

- About their programs of 2011-12 season
Narumi: SP"Imagine", it's a favorite program for both of us, a good music lavishly ornamented with matching moves and images. Really loved it.
FS"Concerto de Quebec", it's kind of the program that no one has skated ever, and we could perform it in Quebec City at GPF.
Both of them are so impressive, that we remember so long.
Mervin: Every year, we feel more love with old pogrom for new program debut, that we got used to, as I could say the same thing, but these were special. We could break through, to be capable skater with them this season. So simple, but intricate ones.

- for next season
Narumi: This season we have done Throw Salcow and Toe loop jumps, which are not difficult. So next season we're going to do Throw Flip and Loop -difficult ones, to earn more and more points, and also we're going to have Level4 triple Twist, upgraded from this season's Level3, with "arm above head" feature. I hope other things will be upgraded better and better as well.
(about their schedule to prepare for next season:) Narumi: Nothing has been scheduled yet, but we're going to make new programs in Japan, and… we'll see.

- On competing in Sochi Olympics
Mervin: You know we all Figure Skaters are going to compete in Olympic games, now our situations are complicated, but we found we're able to help Japanese team, able to top level. But in practice we just do triple Twist, we focus on our practice. We have time to figure out way to do, ask people which is the successful way to do.

- The best feature from each of them
Narumi(to Mervin): Mervin's skating is so fantastic, and also, he's so sweet as a partner, really, …really sweet guy!
Mervin: I think to be with her I have importance of skating, just it's magical, I feel it's great Figure Skating of our own, to skate so much fun.

高橋成美 Narumi TAKAHASHI マーヴィン・トラン Mervin TRAN  Robin Ritoss
2011-12FS"Concerto de Quebec"

高橋成美 Narumi TAKAHASHI マーヴィン・トラン Mervin TRAN  Robin Ritoss
2011-12EX"A Little Less Conversation"

+++ REEDS mixed zone interviews +++

::: Wed. team Japan press conference :::

Cathy: (translation) We have so tough season, so far. We hope to do our best this competition.
Chris: (translation) hope to give our all! to set the best scores.

- what to expect this WTT
Cathy: (translation) Chris has been in such hard, tough times this season with numerous injuries. At Worlds, we couldn't skate well… so I'm really pleased that we make this team. In SD and FD we'll do give our all!
Chris: (translation) We're not in-form at Worlds… and this competition, …ummmm… my right ankle has been injured… so, I wasn't able to train enough. Uh… BUT! In SD and FD we'll do give our all!

- On coming here shortly after Worlds
Cathy: (translation) Chris got injured at the crash accident in NHK Trophy, we haven't trained enough this season, as we withdrew from most competitions, and Worlds and this competition we haven't been in-form… less than 80%, I guess. But we just do it.
Chris: (translation) This season, as we haven't trained enough, so we haven't peaked yet, (smiles) just… do it!

Cathy REED キャシー・リード Chris REED クリス・リード  Robin Ritoss
2011-12SD(Rhumba)"Whatever Happens"

::: after SD :::

49.47 TES24.64 PCS24.83
{STw3 -0.29, R1Sq3+kpYNY -0.57, NtCiSt2 -0.43, R2Sq3+kpYNY -0.50, SlLi4 +0.43, Li+TRANS}

Cathy: (translation) I had so much fun! We're a little tensed… but this was the last performance for us, so good for us!
Chris: (translation) Today we skated so well, but we're still not in-form. The right toe fracture, knee pain, at this moment ankle pain I have. But, just do it!

- Even though your injury has concerned you, you were smiling in performing there.
Chris: (translation) Indeed. (laughs) This program has a lot of fun. (Cathy: laughs)

- You killed the Twizzle.
Cathy/Chris: (laughs)
Cathy: (translation) So happy. We have such a tough season, haven't trained enough. …Really happy with it!
Chris: (translation) Well-done! happy for that.

- for FS
Cathy: (translation) Tomorrow's free program is our last performance of this season. At Worlds we couldn't qualify for FS. I hope to enjoy tomorrow, and give our all!
Chris: hope we can set a new best score!

- About Chris' injury
(Has Chris gotten injured again, at this moment?:) Cathy: (in English) "This injury is just… all are related."
Chris: (translation) After I come back to USA, I'll go to hospital.

Cathy REED キャシー・リード Chris REED クリス・リード  Robin Ritoss
2011-12SD(Rhumba)"Whatever Happens"

Cathy REED キャシー・リード Chris REED クリス・リード  Robin Ritoss

::: after FD :::

70.08 TES33.01 PCS37.07 6th place overall 119.55 6th place
{STw2 -0.50, DiSt2 +0.14, CuLi4 +0.21, CiSt2 +0.14, SlLi4+RoLi4 +1.00, CoSp1 -0.27, RoLi4 +0.29, Li+TRANS}

Cathy: (translation) wasn't the best, we had some mistakes. This competition was so tough for us. But we'll bounce back next season.
(What was you disappointed with?:) (in English) "All mistakes." (translation) Twizzle, Spins, really tired.

- Chris, you were so determined to do Twizzle.
Chris: (translation) (laughs) I had trained Twizzle, always doing Twizzle when I went there, like "Mark, Set, Twizzle". (laughs) I had done a lot since I got injured.

- after competing in WTT
Cathy: (translation) A lot Japanese fans came to see us. We always get a lot of support from them, really appreciate that. Everyday we have posted on our blog,
that so many fans have read, thankfully. "For us, Japanese fans are family." As always, they gave us a lot supports and cheers today, that made us so happy.

- About this season's programs
Cathy: (in English) It was definitely different character for us. Trying to go to more different approach next season, to show our true strength. just trying to show you!

- On the season 2011-2012
Chris: (in English) For the season, it wasn't really anything that I regret, it was more… just, "bad luck" this season with injury. Next season, I'm going to visit a lot doctors to figure out the best route, to stay injury-free.
Cathy: (in English) Better luck happened this season, and (next) Olympic season, for sure. Even know with all these injuries, it was very very hard to get through, we couldn't train like normally do, so was basically like all over the place, so we're just hoping next season we stay healthy, injury-free.
I have to say that with best of season, the most important thing and best thing we learned, was to know more about each other, and had worked better with each other to communicate well each other, so we actually grew even closer this season, just hope that we can show potential for seasons to come.

Cathy REED キャシー・リード Chris REED クリス・リード  Robin Ritoss

+++ Miki ANDO mixed zone interview @ WTT gala +++

Miki ANDO 安藤美姫  Robin Ritoss
2011-12EX"You Must Love Me"

- On those 2 EX programs performed this WTT
First of all, I would like to say that I appreciate ISU organizers, who generously invited me here, with Worlds Pairs gold medalists(Savchenko/Szolkowy), it's a great honor.
In such a big venue, I haven't given performances to Japanese audiences for a long time. (smiles) A bit concerned.
These programs have the theme of love. You know, after the disaster we Japanese found ourselves living in so much love - with family, relatives, friends, various love has energized us. We support each other, that motivates us, I felt from the heart.
Such affection and the theme "love surrounding you" I would like to show on these programs, chose the music: one is so gentle, the other one is so strong. That means "love has been eclectic", so "you'll never be alone", something like that.
(Did you choose both songs?:) Until the last morning I hadn't heard that I was going to give 2 programs here, so I hadn't prepared only one, "I Who Have Nothing". Then I needed one more program, I wanted to do my own performance to skate, that is "You Must Love Me". Both programs choreographed by Kenji MIYAMOTO, "You Must Love Me" is one of his recommendations, and "I Who Have Nothing" the show organizer asked me to perform, when I was cast in "Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love on Ice".
Both programs I did choose for this WTT gala.

- How do you feel after such a big, first-ever performance for Japanese audience since last season?
Five days ago, I came back to Japan from "Art On Ice" in Stockholm, where actually I did a big performance at even bigger venue than here, and I did performed EX in USA and Switzerland, but I was… going to get more and more tensed.
Anyway, I was really happy with so many crowds here, who came to see our performances, that could happen only in Japan.

- Have you talked to Japanese skaters here? who won this competition.
Oh, well! (smiles) "Good Job!" or "Congrats!" a few quotes I told, as they still had EX today, giving their rest of energy this season. So I didn't get them involved with "reunion" feeling there.

- for next season
At first, I have been cast in a lot shows, such as Prince Ice World in Japan, to work hard for them, then think of next season little by little, when I finish all of my shows. So there is nothing scheduled to get started to compete at this moment.
(On her confirmed fixtures:) By July. I'm cast in "Dreams On Ice(DOI)"(an annual back-to-season exhibition of Japan Team), which is my tradition, around mid June.
(Some journalist asked "If you're going to compete in GPS, the deadline for submitting is in June. How are you going to do?":) Well… as for "competitions", I haven't planned anything, such as programs, and I'm not likely to do that, but if Japan Skating Federation ask me "How about GPS?", I'm likely to be assigned.
Now I'm thinking, "submit entries, and make a new SP", but still that hasn't confirmed yet.
You know, in competition you can't make any mistake, and when you compete you should fight. So I never do compete unless my determination gets ready for it.
When I make new programs, if my determination hasn't come to me - I'll cancel my entries as soon as possible. But new SP, already I made an appointment with its choreographer, so I'm going to make it.
(Have you planned to train with coaches and choreographers?:) As I said, I asked a choreographer to collaborate, that schedule isn't confirmed yet, so I can't name, though. But we make a deal. (smiles)
(Miki unveiled her SP choreographer's name: Stephane LAMBIEL! at DOI.)

Miki ANDO 安藤美姫  Robin Ritoss
2011-12EX"I Who Have Nothing"

+++ Patrick CHAN mixed zone interviews +++

Patrick CHAN パトリック・チャン  Robin Ritoss
2010-2012SP"Take 5"

::: after SP :::

89.81 TES45.88 PCS44.93 -1.00(fall) 2nd place
{4T +2.14 (planned 4T-3T), 3A(fall) -3.00, CCoSp3 +1.07, 3Lz-3T +0.30 (planned 3Lz), FSSp4 +0.86, CCSp4 +0.71, SlSt4 +1.80}

Very successful, very happy for performance today, actually happier than I was at Worlds, I was much more comfortable to skate, I was able to be really getting in the ice with my knees, also I was able to really play with judges, and judges reacted really "wow", they were enjoining us, they weren't so nervous, as we were, so I think all and all of us meets a SB, and I'm very happy for Daisuke's WR today, and I think especially in Japan, for him, it's very exciting, for audience as well.

- on jumps
Very happy with a 4T, best 4T of the season I was able to. really uncomfortable I was in a way in practices and warm-ups, it was successful in competition that's always very good confidence for me, especially for tomorrow, since I have two 4Ts for FS. It was big difficult 2 weeks before I came here, 4T giving me some troubles, so I'm very happy for it came together for the competition. 3A - it didn't happen, but you know we make mistakes. I'm doing it almost 100% all the season, It's kinda, like… I have at least one competition where 3A has trouble, so today was it. It's OK. Overall program was very good and was very happy.

- You'll have good FS if you have not good SP.
I feel I can really set up my long program, it's very comfortable program, this season I had troubles with SP and had great FS, like you said, so it's exciting for me, it's comfort for relaxed tonight, to recoup it for tomorrow, just I'll focus on the elements. It's a very beautiful program, last time I'll perform, for me it's one last… a "tribute" for this program.

- for FS (on his two 4Ts, that Daisuke plans one.)
It's a… very rewarding program, if it's done well, if it's not done well - it's a very risky program, but the audiences come here to see it and of course I have arranged on the paper for the program (Planned Program Content sheet), but it's whole question if it's given at competition. Today was very good signs to tomorrow to come, you know, flying a long way, from all the way from home, I was very happy that all week I've been to get into my life, to get used to the ice. Today its 4T I guess it's very good, but 3A, in FS is actually much more comfortable for me, that part is much comfortable, now I'm very happy and excited to skate tomorrow, I think I could have good result.

- On skating after Daisuke TAKAHASHI
It's a great test, a sort like really good test. You know, it was really good practice for Sochi, or for next Worlds, because London's gonna be so crazy next year because it's in Canada! So, its good practice for me, you know it's very panic those the flowers came down, because I can't do my usual little warm up flight going actually start, so I have to be kinda indulged with flowers. It was a test, was very good experience I was able to, its kinda laugh! figured out I did, it was successful because I did great 4T, so… I think it was very very shocking horror as well, but I think it was sort of challenging, I was very happy it happened here, you know it's not a big event.

- On preparations to WTT from Worlds
Preparations was challenging, of course after Worlds - it's tough to come back up after a big competition like Worlds, for me was very difficult, but it was successful, I was able to stay relaxed and focused on my goals, was able to train in Colorado, it's home, had some time to relax, and also train at home.

- On coaching change
It was something surprise, of course, but you know it was a great great time with Christy, she told me so much with quad, I've never landed quad, any of technical upgraded without her coaching. But, as with any athlete, we have to go through evolution. You have to always look at other places to have to be improved.
As for my program, it's not so much over… technical has to be also any integration of jumps and transitions, "those elements are not separate", actually one element, so we have to figure out how to weave together, you know just at jump, like it's nothing. So it's sort making very difficult, looks like obviously you get ready for jump to jump. Studies with her just make it smooth and transitions should be woven in together, I think Kathy(JOHNSON) has of course already to do that, I think I'm very comfortable what I am, what I have - very smooth transitions that I was working with Kathy already.

Patrick CHAN パトリック・チャン  Robin Ritoss
2010-2012SP"Take 5"

Patrick CHAN パトリック・チャン  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez"

::: after FS :::

170.65 TES80.43 PCS 91.22 -1.00(fall) overall 260.46 2nd place
{4T-3T(weak landing) -1.00, 4T<(fall) -3.00, 2A +0.36 (planned 3A), CiSt4 +1.60, FCCoSp3 +0.86 // 3Lz-1Lo-3S +0.90, 3Lo +0.80, 3F +1.10 (planned 3F-2T), CSSp4 +0.93, 3Lz +0.90, 2A +0.64, ChSt1 +1.60, CCoSp4 +1.00}

It was tough one program, I had a tough 6 minutes warm-up… well, this whole event, it was a good test for me, and also I was happy that I was able to get them good program. Despite rough warm-ups, this competition was good, and entire this season, too, for sure.

- On having some troubles with 4T
As always the quad is tough, but this whole season being tough with quad. Last season had been much better, doing quad to FS"The Phantom of the Opera". This season I had to work much harder, maybe because the part into the quad hasn't been the same as last season. I think next season I'm gonna work on changing that part, and improving jump itself, with preparation and transition made smooth, so hope it will improve quad for next season.

- Some Japanese journalist asked "You're defeated by Daisuke(TAKAHASHI) for the first time this season, How do you feel?"
(laughs) You got to win some, you got to lose some. (smiles) I had great 2 seasons, I have been very successful. (smiles) I'm gonna more confident to have another good season.
As for Daisuke, I think it's very good that he had accomplished here, as a lot to go he set himself before Worlds… - I'd been competing with him, entire the season with him, sitting press conferences, I remember he was going to be ready to accomplish here, at this event, which is the last event, with a lot all audiences in Japan. He had worn more pressure than any other skater, so, for him I'm very happy. Because he accomplished more than "just good program", very accomplished you know. He's a very good athlete, improving himself, he's wise and very well experienced, as a skater.

- Some Japanese journalist asked in English: You're so used to sit in 1st place all the competition, so you feel "falling"? (meant: are you feeling "down", placed in 2nd?)
(Patrick seemed to know what that Japanese meant.) Oh, of course a little bit (feeling down), but it's never "fall"… I mean, I treat each competition as an individual competition, not trying to keep my streak going as along as I can. And also, this is a team event and it is very different from any other regular event. I sat in the Kiss & Cry as a team. So, I think it's selfish to think this my personal accomplishment. It's the accomplishment of entire the team. It is a good test. It is a very different environment, very different event. For me, of course I have to get used to that as well, though, it's not very normal feeling, to go out having entire team sitting at one section, the other country looking down (from the "mount" of boxes) at me, so, it's very intimidating, exciting feeling. (laughs) …The results were kind of a demonstration of how I felt standing out there. (smiles)

Patrick CHAN パトリック・チャン  Robin Ritoss
2011-2012FS"Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez"

Patrick CHAN パトリック・チャン  Robin Ritoss
2012EX"Elegie in E Flat Minor"

+++ Carolina KOSTNER mixed zone interviews +++

Carolina KOSTNER カロリーナ・コストナー  Robin Ritoss
2011-12SP"Allegretto from Trio No. 2"

::: after SP :::

69.48(PB) TES36.34 PCS33.14 1st place
{3T-3T +1.60, 3Lo +1.10, FCSp4 +0.64, 2A +0.86, LSp3 +0.71, CiSt4 +1.40, CCoSp4 +0.43}

I think I was able to skate clean, this competition I hope to skate good for my team's victory.
At the beginning, I had been really tired mentally, because I didn't have chance to go back to the hotel to take a rest, such as just closing my eyes, you know, but being my teammates it was really fun. It has been a long day, I have been here since 11 AM, but my team supported me really well and stopped me from falling asleep as well. (smiles)
When I started preparation for the competition, I thought… "Okay, you have to fight for your team!" then I took on the ice, I heard my teammates screaming, they had helped me a lot, and also the audience was really really helping me, as well, so welcoming me, that I had so much fun there. Now I'm so really really happy how I skated.
On the one hand I was asking myself if I would be more nervous because I came here as the World Champion, but on the other hand we can be happy to be here at all as we are the fifth team.
Before the 6 minutes warm-up Ashley (WAGNER) said "this is the last short program of the season." For me it was a chance to improve it and it is great to say farewell to this program in this way.

- On her consistency this season, and setting new PB of SP
Not only this year, consistency had been my theme to compete in senior level. Working really hard whole summer and winter, this was the result. And also I had experienced highs-and-lows in my career that just helped me to not feel any pressure to compete, like "I have to, I have to". I have only enjoyed what I do, - first of all, because "I love it!", then I love to see how people enjoy watching my performance, it's nice when people can go home with fun. (At competitions) I'm going not only to chase the medals, I wish I could have a great time.

Carolina KOSTNER カロリーナ・コストナー  Robin Ritoss
2011-12SP"Allegretto from Trio No. 2"

Carolina KOSTNER カロリーナ・コストナー  Robin Ritoss
2011-12FS"Concerto No. 23"

::: after FS :::

116.24 TES51.18 PCS66.06 -1.00(fall) overall 185.72 2nd place
{3Lo +1.40, 3F(touch down with free foot) -0.50, ChSp1 +1.50, 2A-3T<(touch down with free foot) -0.93, FCSp2 +0.71 // 3T<<(fall) -0.60 (planned 3T-2T), 1A 0.00 (planned 2A), 3S +0.80, 3S-2T-2T +0.30, SlSt4 +1.60, FCCoSp2 +0.57, CCoSp4 +0.79}

((from ISU "Quick Quote"))

I am very tired right now. Since I wasn't able to train so much for this WTT, it was really hard today. I lacked the confidence I usually have when I have trained a lot.
I really enjoyed skating here. I hoped to do better, but it was the best I could do today, so I'm quite happy.
(On finishing second:) In each competition you start from zero. It was so beautiful for Akiko(SUZUKI) to win, as here is her home country. I know how happy I would be if I could win in Italy.
(for next season:) Honestly I have no plan right now. I need rest a lot, then I'll decide what to do later on.
(after competing in WTT:) It was a little exhausting. It was hard for us girls, because we have to compete in the end. It was a big challenge, but I'm glad that I could participate in this WTT. My team was so great, as they cheered for everyone, not just for Italians. I'm proud of our team (as a Team Italy captain).

Carolina KOSTNER カロリーナ・コストナー  Robin Ritoss
2011-12FS"Concerto No. 23"

Carolina KOSTNER カロリーナ・コストナー  Robin Ritoss

+++ Captains Press Conference Day1-3 +++

Daisuke TAKAHASHI (JPN) / Charlie WHITE (USA) / Nathalie PECHALAT (FRA) / Scott MOIR (CAN)

::: Day 1 :::

Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔  Robin Ritoss
Daisuke TAKAHASHI (Team JAPAN Captain)

Daisuke TAKAHASHI (JPN) 1st ranked team after Day 1

It's so hard to say about the team itself, which depends on not only myself… After the 1st half, Japan was placed in 4th, but after the Ladies SP we rose in 1st place, that was surprising a bit, so, the team competition you never know what's going on, as a single skater you don't know about pairs and ice dance categories so well, that I had so much fun to compete as the team. I saw all the skater who had a competition today giving their all. For tomorrow, a lot to go, we have to keep our placement, regaining our motivation.

- for Day 2, and what to expect at the Kiss & Cry
Ice Dance - Chris is difficult to perform due to his right ankle injury, but he does give himself all. I don't want him to do so harder, he hasn't to put out too much. I hope he will have enjoyed this event.
Pairs(TAKAHASHI/TRAN), they won Bronze medals this Worlds, so I guess they are our edge, expecting of them a lot, so hope they will help us tomorrow.
Men, as for me, I don't fit FS… so much, so I have to regain my energy to perform with determination, in order to lead our team. hope to give 100% program in FS, as Taka(KOZUKA) hopes so, I do believe!
…At the Kiss & Cry, you know French is superb, Italian, too, I guess team Japan is weaker than them… you know, Japanese we're so shy to react, (laughs) I don't know what to do there. But, I do know what to do on the ice, we have to really do hard on programs on the ice, rather than on "sketches" at the Kiss & Cry.

Charlie WHITE チャーリー・ホワイト  Robin Ritoss
Charlie WHITE (Team USA Captain)

Charlie WHITE (USA) 2nd ranked team after Day 1

Was pleased to be basically tied at the top with Japan, really proud of how we skated today as a whole. Everyone gave their all and skated their hearts out. This is a difficult competition coming after Worlds.
You know we have a girl, Gracie Gold, who didn’t even compete in senior level this year, so hat’s off to her and her ability to come to great competition like this with an amazing grace to skate to the very end. I was just really proud.
Obviously, a long way to go before the dust settles and we have final scores, but at this point, I don't think we can ask for much more as a team.

- On themselves "DAVIS/WHITE" performance today, coming here after Worlds
Well, Meryl and I… It's hard to talk about us, for being here without Meryl who nods in approving, (laughs) but, we try to use every competition, as a stepping stone to improve, you know obviously we skated like "the best we could" at Worlds, but, that doesn't mean we thought "that was it", so we went home to continue to do work hard. Coming in 2nd now we aim for to have more chance, we wanna take our opportunity. We'll have to continue tomorrow, to skate the best we can, just… do it like practice.

- On the massage for Japanese people at the Kiss & Cry
It was a magnificent team leader's idea, who has provided many ideas for us to represent USA best as possible. I think she's great example of team athlete, settling great example how to skate. The message showed behaving "support Japan", they welcome us, to hold this competition - such an amazing opportunity.

- for Day 2
For tomorrow, I am expecting great things from Caydee (DENNEY) and John (COUGHLIN), our Pairs team. They have been prepared for every competition entire this season. I’m really happy with the way they’ve handled themselves here. My fingers are crossed for a good short program. Our free dance, we’ve had good success so far and just wanna keep that ball rolling. Our men are pros. Adam(RIPPON) and Jeremy(ABBOTT) are fantastic skaters. If they can skate like they know how, they will put us in a great position to win this event, which is what we gonna do. We really wanna keep building our team spirit and team camaraderie. We'll walk our ways tomorrow, to up the ante a little bit and show just how committed we are to supporting our fellow American skaters.

Nathalie PECHALAT ナタリー・ペシャラ  Robin Ritoss
Nathalie PECHALAT (Team FRANCE Captain)

Nathalie PECHALAT (FRA) 3rd ranked team after Day 1

It was a very tiring day, to stay at the rink all day to cheer for our teammates. But at the end it was such a good surprise to be third. It was unexpected. We were here to just have fun and just enjoy. The thing is that every team has such good skaters so nobody can say what will happen in the competition. So it is very exciting. We'll try to keep it like that and do our best, especially in the boxes.

- On their team outfits in cheering
We didn't really have time to prepare, so we try to improvise. Yesterday we were thinking, "OMG!, we have the energy but not the costumes." So we went outside and tried to buy everything we can. (laughs) The costumes has 20 percent of all the impression, you know, that's what we can do. (laughs) the rest is inside.

- for Day 2
Our president of France skating Federation has traveled all around, to see French winning, so we have to try to do hard. - there's no pressure at all. (laughs) As for Fabian(BOURZAT) and me, we just want to end the season with a big smile and to continue as we did. For Florian(AMODIO), Brian(JOUBERT), Daria(POPOVA) and Bruno(MASSOT), I just trust them. I know they will do well. I'll just cheer more for them. In general for the French team members, I want them to scream louder, make more noise, cheer more, to be crazy. This is what I expect for them. I hope to lead them to do.

"So happy to be taken photos with Charlie & Nathalie! as it never happens (at the regular press conference)." by Daisuke in its photo session with them

Nathalie PECHALAT ナタリー・ペシャラ Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔 Charlie WHITE チャーリー・ホワイト © Japan Sports
Nathalie / Daisuke / Charlie

::: Day 2 :::

Daisuke TAKAHASHI (JPN) 1st ranked team after Day 2

Today, I had a FS, so I couldn't watch Ice Dance and Pairs competitions, but I know how they all gave themselves to their programs, as team Japan's ranked still 1st after the Day 2.

Charlie WHITE (USA) 2nd ranked team after Day 2

I think it was a good day for Team USA.
Our pairs team put themselves in a good position to place well going into FS, going real tight in there.
Meryl and I were thrilled to have a skate today, definitely it was a performance of a lifetime. For that, we would like to thank the Japanese skating fans who playing a large part in that. Having their support means a lot to us, all skaters, team USA Thank You!
Men: I think, both Jeremy(ABBOTT) and Adam(RIPPON) were many hoping for better skates, but I really commend the fight they showed out there, it’s not easy I know. You know, everything isn't going perfect, but I think their character really shined through the heart they pushed, and heading here for next year has set themselves up so well.
Obviously team Japan's going to be winning, …looking strong! (laughs) So, moving forward, going like chip away at lead with ladies and pairs finally, tomorrow, crossing our fingers, doing everything we can - a little combo. (smiles)

Nathalie PECHALAT (FRA) 3rd ranked team after Day 2

As the French captain I had a very great day today, because of the performances of the French team, not only for that, but also beautiful programs especially Daisuke(TAKAHASHI)'s, Charlie(DAVIS/WHITE)'s of course. It was a really good competition, and I am very pleased to end this season with this kind of feelings.
As for Fabian and myself, are very happy. In Nice at Worlds it was already great, but here, the Japanese fans are crazy. If all the competition could look like this one, it would be so much fun in skating. Again, thank you to the Japanese organizers of the World Team Trophy.

- Some journalist asked "Daisuke, and Charlie, were you so motivated to win here, coming as a Worlds silver medalist? "
(Charlie gestured Daisuke to talk first. Daisuke was smiling.)
Daisuke: This WTT I hope my Japanese team will win, as I hoped to do my best performance for that. You know, I had gotten disappointed at Worlds, but that should not be what to remember here, I guess. And also I hoped to do a perfect program at the end of this season… but, I think I was going to, kinda redeem myself, a little bit I wanted to do so, I guess… that was not supposed, but I wanted to win here, unconsciously.
Charlie: um… I, consciously! (laughs) wanna to win this competition. Coming after Worlds, where we had really skated well, as we wanted to skate, exactly how we wanted to, but, we didn't place how we wanted to, so, we had another amazing opportunity here to have 2 programs, that did really count, well… it's not Worlds, but it's close, in time, we wanna really prove ourselves. We recovered our placement - just shows our skating is still on top. We're really proud that we had done.
Of course, on team aspect, today was pleased with the easiest program we've done so far, but the SD, starting tired for half way through, then looking at the boxes - really mixed skaters, we wanna push, really do for teammates.
So, (competing in WTT) there were two great things: represent USA to help our team, and also coming after Worlds, wanna prove ourselves well.

- Nathalie, are you still surprised that team France is still placed in 3rd?
Nathalie: (laughs) Okay, to tell the truth, yesterday, I was surprised, but today was of our strategy, like "hide-and-boom", (laughs) so we are still here. Stop saying that "surprise" 3rd, as we are strong, we are a good team! (laughs) we're not best but we're 3rd! (laughs)
For tomorrow we'll continue in the same way, having fun. I don't want anybody to be stressed. This is the last competition. I told my teammates, "just okay," I believe in you, just do it, do your best. And if you don't do your best, don't care, because in the Kiss & Cry we will cheer for you. We will be more creative tomorrow, will try to find more funny things - we'll see!

(Brian JOUBERT came to the conference room, a "surprise"! He seemed to enjoy through the conference, in smiling as an audience there.)

- Daisuke, and Charlie, you've finished your competitions now you can fully focus on a role of "team captain". So, what are you planning to catch up team France? they seem to lead on "cheering" aspect: costumes, make-up.
Daisuke: Well… …mmmm… it's a difficult question. (smiles) For Tomorrow I'm going to focus on cheering as much as possible, you know, as I can't say, our team Japan has dominated on cheering aspect at this moment, …well, what to do tomorrow? (smiles) that I'll work on as tonight's homework, coming back to my room. Today's FS, I could see my teammates, that energized me so much, then I would like to encourage them, sending such powerful energy from the boxes, definitely.
Charlie: Yeah, we’re definitely lagging. I think France and Italy are leading right now…
Nathalie: No, No, No. (everyone there laughs)
Charlie: So anyway, …it's a good question, we're gonna have to get creative. At this point I feel like I have to do like another FD in red, white and blue with stars and maybe fireworks. (laughs) But I don’t want to cause a fire anything. (laughs) Maybe gymnastics routine, we can put on - I don't know, it's gonna be interesting? (laughs) Hopefully tomorrow having been finished to be calm down, will have more energy. Of course mostly… whatever we can do to help our skaters skate best, that’s what we will focus on and of course the team spirit will come next.

- Nathalie, team France has been so impressive at the Kiss & Cry, as they were in mummies costumes for PECHALAT/BOURZAT, in Matrix glasses for Brian JOUBERT today. Who gave those directions?
Nathalie: This is very important for us, to do our best for the team spirit. It seems to be crazy, but for us, to go number one means to win the "Team Spirit Trophy"! in which we're now really competing to do the best! We have priorities in France, - fun! (laughs) Each time when we sit together at dinner we think about what we can do for this one or that one. We try to adapt to everyone, also team itself. But as for "the mummies" it was a surprise for me and Fabian(BOURZAT). Since we came to the warm-up we found "what are they doing?" (laughs) They are even crazier than we thought. (laughs) We'll continue to do in this way. It's easier for Matrix, it's more connected with everybody, than such as piano music which you don't know so well.
This is exactly what we like about Figure Skating. Putting a program together and cheering for the teammates, both have exactly the same way of thinking.

Nathalie PECHALAT ナタリー・ペシャラ Fabian BOURZAT ファビアン・ブルザ  Robin Ritoss
PECHALAT/BOURZAT 2011-12FD"Mummy and Pharaoh"

Team FRANCE  Paja

Brian JOUBERT  Robin Ritoss
Brian JOUBERT 2011-12FS"The Matrix"

Team FRANCE  Paja
Brian JOUBERT FS Kiss&Cry

::: Day 3 :::

Daisuke TAKAHASHI (JPN) ISU World Team Trophy Champions

- Thoughts as a captain, after competing in WTT

I'm not sure if I could do well, playing a role of the "leader", but I had been thinking of my teammates and my own performances as a "captain". I hadn’t known that at all, how this competition, the result was going on, so that gave me fun to compete here.

Charlie WHITE (USA) ISU World Team Trophy silver medalists

- Thoughts as a captain, after competing in WTT

Team USA, second place. Obviously, we were going for first and trying to repeat. But I’m very very proud of how we skated all of us, well fight and character… you know, it is a difficult competition and we showed a lot grit and picked each other up and so well supported each other out there, which is our big part this competition, among different communities. We really used it to our advantage being able to see our skaters out there, turning to smile at you. It's really nice, played that part of the competition.
Moving forward, we’re gonna be going for first next year, but hats off to Japan for a fantastic competition, which they put all together, was very impressive, with the pressure having a home crowd. It was very special scene to be part of it, a lot different Figure Skating. Congratulations, and just nice to be here.

Scott MOIR (CAN) ISU World Team Trophy bronze medalists

- Thoughts as a captain, after competing in WTT

For team Canada, it was a little bit of an up and down week. We kind of came in and had some ok skates from some of our top athletes and then it was also nice to see some people with less experience to have great performances. This gave our team a boost and gave us a shot to come after this third place. At the beginning of the day we didn't know if it was possible to be in this room and on the podium. We knew that America and Japan were going to be fighting for the title. We were just hoping to get into this room and find a way to crawl back. We had a great performance by our pair team and our ladies battled as well.
It was great to see some people to have great performances for them and to build some momentum for next year. This is turning into an exciting event.
I was here in 2009 and it is a lot different feeling to know it's going to be at the Olympic Games. Hopefully we can catch up and try to challenge the Americans and the Japanese in the Olympics. But we have some work to do in order to be in that league.

- The points of Ice Dance(VIRTUE/MOIR) and Men(Patrick CHAN) should have helped team Canada, that hadn't happened, yet Pairs and Ladies points helped a lot to make podium, how do you think about it?
To tell the truth, it was a little surprising to see it coming down to the pairs and ladies events. At the beginning of the day we knew we had a shot, because there were points on the table. In the way the points system was stacking up we knew that we had only points to gain and not too many to lose. We knew a lot of things had to go in our favor today to be able to be on the podium, so we were surprised. But we needed a little bit of luck for the misfortunes we had yesterday and on day one.

- After this competition do you have any strategy for the Olympics team competition, have you learned how to compete there? even though in Olympics, circumstances should be different from this WTT in Japan.
Scott: …To skate clean all? (everyone there laughs)
Daisuke: (to Scott:) That makes sense, definitely! (smiles) I guess the most important team strategy is to improve qualities of each skater. I can't see at all, how the Olympics team competition would be going, but I had done a team competition here, I felt "I'm not alone," in performing there. So I think I could be encouraged by our team to skate, without not so much pressure, when I compete in Olympics team competition.
Charlie: The set up will be completely different. I can’t imagine we will be saying in boxes while others are competing, but rather focusing on our programs because of the importance of the Olympics. It’s good and bad. Obviously it’s more fun like this (laughs) but, you're… wanna save your legs and energy for competition, at the same time, we learned that we should take the opportunity to hold each other up as a team. Some of the energy usually you use just for your own programs, you can sort to send to teammates as well, because we are united together. You know, it’s very different from a Figure Skating competition, that we have just learned from this opportunity. Just being able to support your teammates a lot, you know that you gonna do everything you can for them, show yourself to the very end, and they will do the same for you.
Scott: You have to skate clean. You're never fully out of it, that was a cool lesson. I think it was entertaining for the fans. As a team, we have to remember that and it was pretty cool, how team Canada was hanging in the back, trailing for a while and pulling up in the last second to get third place. It looked like team Japan was running away with it until team USA really closed it at the end and had some of the Japanese biting their fingernails for the finish. I think we learned it can be extreme how the momentum swings, but at the same time, it is important to get as many points as you can, because dropping one spot can make a huge difference, especially if you are swapping places with one of the teams your are battling for a medal.

Scott MOIR スコット・モイア Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔 Charlie WHITE チャーリー・ホワイト © Japan Sports
Scott / Daisuke / Charlie

Team FRANCE © Robin Ritoss
Team FRANCE - Team Spirit Trophy Winner

+++ Live Reports, Planned Program Contents +++

Here are English wrap-ups from Wed to Sat our Japanese correspondents reports:
(The first reporter had covered Wed-Fri, the second reporter on Sat.)

::: Ice Dance Wed. morning Practice :::

You're so worrying about how injured Chris(REEDS) is skating: he had seemed to care for his injured right foot to use in warming up, but in run-through, I wasn't thinking he has injury.

PECHALAT/BOURZAT were lively! to check the beginning and ending of SD and pattern dance.

CAPPELLINI/LANOTTE had trained pattern dance, footworks, Luca LANOTTE were skating so fluently, nice to see it!


::: Men Wed. morning Practice :::

"Men in Worlds" are planning same jumps layout as Worlds as of Wed, and:

Paolo BACCHINI(ITA) SP{3A, 3Lz-3T, 3Lo} FS{3A, 3Lz-3T, 3S-3T // 3Lo, 3Lz, 3F, 2A-2T-2T, 2A}

Zhan BUSH(RUS) SP{4T-3T, 3A, 3Lz} FS{4T, 3A, 3F-3T, 3Lo // 3Lz, 3F-2T, 3S, 3T-2T-2T}

Maxim KOVTUN(RUS) SP{3A, 3Lz-3T, 3F} FS{3A-2T, 3A, 3T // 3F, 3S, 3Lz-2T-2T, 3Lz, 2A~2A}

Taka(KOZUKA), a SP run-through, checking only footworks and spins, then had attended 4T over and over, some of them were two-footed, fall, but 1 good 4T I watched, I guess.

Daisuke(TAKAHASHI), I thought he would check just his CHoreography in run-though, yet he did: 3A, 3Lz. After that, he made good jumps including 3A-3T, was seemed so fine!

Jeremy(ABBOTT), a FS run-through, then trained 4Ts.

Patrick(CHAN), a SP run-through, checking footworks, jumping entries except for 3Lz he made. Patrick had not so much clean landings, but seemed not bad. He had focused on 3A, by the leaving time.

Kevin(REYNOLDS), a SP run-through without jumping, then made a 3A, and so many jumps there, I guess…

Brian(JOUBERT), a SP run-through without dancing, had done only jumping entries, and just skating(hands on waist), yet Daft Punk waked him up, rising on footworks. Then he worked gutsy on jumps, made a good 4T.

::: Ladies & TAKAHASHI/TRAN Wed. morning Practice :::

"Ladies in Worlds" are planning same jumps layout as Worlds, as of Wed, and:

Cynthia PHANEUF(CAN) SP{3T-2T, 3Lo, 2A} FS{3Lz, 3Lo, 3Lo-2T-2T, 3S // 2A, 3T, 3T-2T}

Mae Berenice MEITE(FRA) SP{3T-3T, 3Lz, 2A} FS{2A-3T, 3Lo-2T-2T, 3Lz, 3F-2T // 2A-2T, 3Lz, 3T}

Adelina SOTNIKOVA(RUS) SP{3T-3T, 3F, 2A} FS{3Lz-3Lo, 3F, 2A-3T, 3F-2T-2Lo // 3S, 3Lo, 2A}

Ashley(WAGNER) has still planned 3F-3T in SP as of Wed, and Gracie GOLD(USA) SP{3F-3T, 3Lz, 2A} FS{3Lz-3T, 2A-3T, 3Lo, 3F, 3Lz, 2A-2T-2T, 3S}

Kanako(MURAKAMI), a SP run-through: 3T-3T, 3F, checking entry of 2A, - skip - started from the "holding head" move, footworks, spins, made a good program.

Akiko(SUZUKI) skipped this session.

Pairs TAKAHASHI/TRAN, a SP run-through: solo 3S DONE! 3STh two-footed, - skip - footworks, FiDs, so beautiful! then they focused on side-by-side combination spin. They looked in-form.

::: Ice Dance Wed. afternoon Practice :::

REEDS again, gave a half run-through of FD performance, Chris wobbled on Twizzle a little bit, but he was still looking skating so well.

DAVIS/WHITE, a FD run-through, checking RoLi, CuLi, - skip - and RoLi, and lift! - tested all Lifts! then trained Twizzle as well. Wonderful! Skating Charlie's dress coat were swinging in style.

ILINYKH/KATSALAPOV, a FD run-through, RoLi, Twizzle, and footworks done. after that seemed to train pattern dance. Nikita had dynamism in skating, so nice to watch.

VIRTUE/MOIR, a FD run-through, checked 1st half then footworks and lifts, beautiful… nothing but beautiful I can say… They were only couple in black training wears, that toned them up even more.

and dressed PECHALAT/BOURZAT again, now FD run-through, checked pattern dance, lifts, CHoreography, as well. looked in-form. They were the earliest couple coming into the rink(even though they were 2nd Group)! well-warmed up and gave a SD run-through in the morning.

CAPPELLINI/LANOTTE again, a FD run-through, showed superb Twizzle. Luca had been in-form, his strides are floating, so handsome!

::: Japanese Men Ladies Wed. afternoon Practice :::

Daisuke(TAKAHASHI), a FS run-through, opener 4T fall, but other triples were DONE. Daisuke had trained jumps mainly, after run-through he was trying and trying 4T, some of them were weak landing, but I saw one clean 4T of Daisuke! …even more?

Taka(KOZUKA), FS run-though, with full of energy - a bit muted in practice, you know. His opener 4T was two-footed, slightly wobbled, some jumps skipped and made 3A-2T-2Lo with good effort and killed 3Lz-3T as well. Footworks flowed so beautifully, so much.

Then Akiko(SUZUKI) gave a fully-energized perfect Free program in Wed afternoon Practice! she saved some more energy on her signature footworks, though, spins and ChSp were neatly-done, as well as she made all jumps! then she had focused to train 3Lz, with highly consistency, and she was in good shape, and had good stride. Overall, looked quite good Akko.

Kanako(MURAKAMI), a FS run-through, rushed to enter her opener 3Lz - fall, but 3Lo DONE! 3F - fall, seemed "OUCH", - a moment skip - 3T-3T DONE! After that painful fall, she had worked so hard to skate, to jump, that you need no worries about Kanako.

::: Others and TAKAHASHI/TRAN on Wed. Practice :::

From our reporter's "notebook":

Gracie(GOLD) in a so lovely turquoise tank, a FS run-through in the morning, made 3Lz-3T, 2A-3T, Ina-Bauer-3Lz, beautiful ChSp. She will rock the big sisters! She had been in good shape, trained so hard by the leaving time of afternoon session.

Florent(AMODIO) a SP run-through in the morning, focused on some jumps and footworks, without his stunning finishing pose, but then he made good 3Lz-3T there.

Paolo(BACCHINI) a SP run-through in the morning, he doubled 3Lz, was going to work so hard on 3Lz.

Samuel(CONTESTI) a SP run-through in the morning, checked only his "hilarious" - the word from my notebook - dancing on the ice. and also I wrote "Patrick 4-3 checked!" - guess he made 4-3 in Samuel's SP? sorry I was so confused there, in a Men traffic jam!

Zhan(BUSH) a FS run-through in the afternoon, 4T fall, 3F-3T DONE, - skip - You'll see so nice footworks tasted Carmen.

Maxim(KOVTUN) a SP run-through… I'm sorry, that I just wrote "big stride" for him! as Daisuke made 3A-3T two times there.


TAKAHASHI/TRAN a FS run-through in the evening, Mervin missed 3S fall, but they both landed 3T-2T, - skip - Narumi was going to come to her coach to meet their fists! looked so fun! then they had awaited it's time, a 3STh, DONE! 3TTh DONE!, Mervin fell on ChSp, but he was keeping performing, took himself running to Narumi. After that, they had trained that missing parts. had been still looked in-form.

The reporter, she continues:
Tomorrow(Thu. today) mainly reporting Japanese, too, and also I'm going to focus on Ladies, that I wasn't able to report "today"(Wed.), as Carolina KOSTNER and Adelina SOTNIKOVA were so fantastic!

::: Ice Dance Thu. SD Practice :::

VIRTUE/MOIR Tessa in magenta dress with Tutu-like skirt. run-through: pattern dance, - skip - hand in hand position, and pattern dance. What an esthetic Rhumba Sequence!

PECHALAT/BOURZAT run-through: CuLi, pattern dance, footworks, - skip - Twizzle, and Nathalie's "Seoi-nage (in Judo)"-like move, which she checked yesterday, too. Their arms were working exquisitely along the music, so fun to watch!

DAVIS/WHITE run-through: Their knees were bent so deeply! Their speed entering pattern dance was so fantastic. and such a fantastic Lift. Their skating to Lambada tasted music is so fabulous.

I'm sorry for missing Group 1 practice. All the couple of Group 2 seemed well-prepared, in-form, and beautiful… nothing but beautiful I can say.

☞ Judges Scores (PDF)

::: Men Thu. SP Practice :::

Daisuke(TAKAHASHI) in good shape, 4T(weak landing), - skip - solid 3Lz-3T, spins had exquisite positions. and gave a lovely bow. I guess he made 4Ts after that. He looked not so bad even in the early morning.

Taka(KOZUKA), opener 4T was doubled, 3A DONE, - skip - …talking with his coach Nobuo SATO, and unexpectedly CCSp went "Side by Side" with CONTESTI! ending Upright Spin was so fast as usual. Taka looked even, had worked on 4T over and over, and over! Lots popped and two-footed, but he killed at least one 4T I watched.

Patrick(CHAN), tripled(?) 4T, 3A fall (at the same time Taka fell on 3A, too), - a moment skip - after long strides he skated in his signature way, 3Lz-3T he could resort as combination in practice, good spins - his upright position looks "T", one foot footwork(he wobbled at Worlds), was superb. He had done hard by the leaving time.

☞ Planned Program Contents (PDF)
☞ Judges Scores (PDF)

::: Ladies Thu. SP Practice :::

Kanako(MURAKAMI), 3T-3T DONE! entered in good speed, barely 3F - with good extension, though, - skip - given advice by her coach Machiko YAMADA, 2A, so lively footworks she was running and hopping, - skip spins - a finishing pose. So Good!

Akiko(SUZUKI) - Ashley had waited for Akko's program opening! to watch her dancing. 3T-3T checked, 3Lz checked, - skip - with her long stride she could skate across the rink immediately, 2A checked, solid footworks checked, fast spins checked. So Good, too!

::: Pairs Thu. SP Practice :::

TAKAHASHI/TRAN meeting their fists, as always, run-through: 3S landed - although Mervin's was late takeoff, so nice! 3T-2T 3T both fall in unison(wonderfully), - skip hand-in-hand they went to their coach, talking a lot. But their facial expression was so fine. - 3STh & 3TTh both made today, too, ChSp was OK today. Narumi were smiling in Lifts.

::: Pairs Fri. SP Practice :::

TAKAHASHI/TRAN (in black training wear), in run-through, entered like competition 3S DONE(Narumi stumbled), entered beautifully 3STh DONE!, in great unison checking 3Li, and Mervin rolls Narumi - Death Spiral superb! After that, made some 3Ss, and PCoSp in the music of "Tosca"(BAZAROVA/LARIONOV SP, so nicely done as always) - so beautiful to watch… Then they left the ice, Narumi gave the coach high five. Looked in-form. (^-^)

DENNEY/COUGHLIN did so impressive practice, quality twist lifts and side-by-side jumps they made, so the team USA are gonna be crazy for sure!

☞ Planned Program Contents (PDF)
☞ Judges Scores (PDF)

::: Ice Dance Fri. FD Practice :::

REEDS, checking twizzle, footworks, lifts mainly. CiSt was so nice, they were so solid even in dancing of transitions. Program is exotic, so lovely. (^-^) Chris seemed to care for his injured right ankle, a bit… yet he never seemed to be injured in the program, so professional.

ILINYKH/KATSALAPOV, in run-through they hadn't so much showing elements, but showing their greatness. Great skating, it was dynamic, dramatic, glittering, - "goose bumpy" to watch. can't wait for the competition!

CAPPELLINI/LANOTTE, I hadn't watched them a lot in REEDS were practicing in the same group, but I could say, "it's pretty lovely FD," which has amazing SlLi as always.

As for Group 2, you know only I can say the word "beautiful", so I do today, too. Well-dressed, well-done practices…
PECHALAT/BOURZAT gave lifts along the music "'S Wonderful"(from "Funny Face" VIRTUE/MOIR FD), seemed to season "Die Fledermaus"(DAVIS/WHITE FD) with their twizzle. Meryl(DAVIS), so fast rotating on Charlie(WHITE), was smiling like a lady doll, while at the beginning Scott(MOIR) was turning Tessa(VIRTUE)'s face to him with his finger touching her jaw, in style. …Something like that, everyone was too beautiful.

☞ Judges Scores (PDF)

::: Ladies Fri. SP :::

☞ Planned Program Contents (PDF)
☞ Judges Scores (PDF)

::: Men Fri. FS Practice :::

Taka(KOZUKA), made a 4T! in the music of "Austin Powers"(Maxim KOVTUN FS), I guess, though, in run-through he didn't make jumps so much, 4T fall, 4T(planned 4T-2T) fall, the 2nd half popped 3A -1T, 3Lo DONE, footworks were done with so beautiful touch, made me cry. I saw he making a 3A-2T-2Lo after that.

Daisuke(TAKAHASHI), worked a lot on his jumps, fabulous 3A-3T, 4Ts: some made and some like downgraded. He looked not bad. "That's enough," he seemed, and left the ice with a polite bow before his turn(run-though). So his "Blues" for Kevin's spins, Jeremy's and Patrick's skating I had watched. Thanks guys, for a surrealistic moment! And you'll see a big moment of Daisuke in competition.

Jeremy(ABBOTT), he didn't land 4Ts… Until this practice he did land and Yuka did give her applause. Other elements were so beautiful as always. Jeremy had worked there by the leaving time every practice, as he was only skater who remained in the end and tried 4Ts even when the resurfacing workers(w/bucket) came.

☞ Planned Program Contents (PDF)
☞ Judges Scores (PDF)

::: Pairs Sat. FS Practice :::

TAKAHASHI/TRAN, in run-through they had attended Lifts and ChSp, which had so beautiful positions, jumps were not so much successful in run-through, but after that they made good throw jumps. Before the leaving time, the hardest workers among these Pairs, showed a SlSt, they were in sync, so nice.

And, our reporter saw good friend: Group 2 Mervin(TRAN) and Group 1 Eric(RADFORD), both loved to dance along the BGM music at the rinkside, they're skating club mates.

Those WTT teams have been cheering other skaters from practice, as team USA had made loud cheers when DENNEY/COUGHLIN run-through, checking mainly Lifts, and made a highly twist lift.

☞ Planned Program Contents (PDF)
☞ Judges Scores (PDF)

::: Ladies Sat. FS Practice :::

Kanako(MURAKAMI), in run-through, checking jumps one by one, almost DONE, but 3S-2Lo-2Lo fall. After that, she had focused on jumps, made good ones a lot.

Akiko(SUZUKI), in run-through, a beautiful 2A-3T with ease, 3Lo-2Lo-2Lo flowed. Then she had trained 3Lz a lot, some clean ones, some stepping out she made.

☞ Planned Program Contents (PDF)
☞ Judges Scores (PDF)

Result, Judges Scores:

+++ Photo Slideshows by Robin Ritoss +++

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☞ Takahiko KOZUKA



☞ Miki ANDO

☞ Mayako MATSUNO / Satoko MIYAHARA / Shoma UNO / Taichi HONDA

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