Nobunari ODA gave color to JapanSkates
Our Japanese correspondent Aiko interviewed Nobu before Worlds, @ Kansai University.
Mar. 29, 2011 in Osaka

織田信成 Nobunari ODA 2010-2011SP Storm © David Carmichael

☞ 日本語

+++ Japan's Crisis +++

Nobu sent nursery items to the babies and mothers in disaster area.

"Even if it's not efficient so much - I believe I can give something to help for them. To ask for Donation… and so on. I'm sorry that I must work on my trainings for Worlds at this moment, and I hope I can give it as soon as possible."

- he talked more, to be posted later on as a special feature for Japan.

JS: Mark, the founder of Japan Skates, is going to be a father in April. So he would like to ask you "how fatherhood has influenced you?" *Nobu became a father of his first son Shintaro in Oct. 2010.

NO: Now I have a life to take care. My priority was the life of my own before, but his life is my own priority for now. I guess that has inspired me, to change my mindset.

JS: Has that inspired also your programs?

NO: I hoped I could perform well to entertain people, plus, now I wish my son would be proud of me, if he could watch my programs someday.

JS: Plus, I think marriage has inspired you, as well. …It sounds silly, but I don't know how the marriage works, what the marriage is.

NO: Mmmmm… (smiles)

JS: It's a case of myself, my boyfriend "living together", he sometimes recommends me a similar thing "marriage" like, but I don't need their recommendations at all. I have "living together" already, I don't need the same thing "marriage".

NO: Mmmmm… (smiles)

JS: Though, I guess "marriage" is enhanced with the word of honor: "never leave your side". That promise, it's the best honor for girls, and itself is boys' honor as well. How does your "marriage" work, Nobu?

NO: I had been marriage-oriented, since my teens. wished I could meet the one, to marry, to support each other as a family.

JS: "since your teens"!

NO: Needless to say, I have been supported by lots of people to get here, but sometimes I felt isolated in my teens. You know, tough trainings concern Single teen skaters. I wished for the one, who would be always beside me to encourage me. I thought I could have the one, if I would get married. Then I got married last year in April, we didn't "live together", so we have been together everyday. I say "was no good today…", she says "will be good tomorrow!", like that. It's not important conversation, but it makes me so happy. - That is a kind of marriage? I guess.

JS: [Note] marriage: support each other >>> so happy

NO: If you ask "What's the difference between living together and marriage?" - I have no idea. (LOL)


NO: As for me, marriage means to connect souls. It gives me a lot.

JS: Wow… Some of boys have thought so since their teens.

NO: I miss companionship pretty much. (smiles) In my teens, I couldn't be orderly for my parents, you know, and other skater friends to share worries, I couldn't meet them everyday. Now, my loneliness is healed by marriage, I guess.

JS: Well, Marriage gives you a lot, indeed!

NO: Indeed! you could not see that on my performance, yet, my soul is fully charged up definitely!

JS: YES! we can see that! you killed a state-of-the-art 4T-3T (GOE+2.29!)!! in SP at GPF in Dec. this season. What a recovery from the disastrous Worlds the end of last season! - Marriage, it works definitely!

NO: In that way. (smiles)

JS: got it! I do know what the marriage is, why some teen boys want to get married, as well! Thank you!

NO: I was such a minority as other friends said "You are exceptional."

JS: But you have company, whom I know in person. Your company have wished for the one to marry since your teens.

NO: On time, I could meet my fate, my wife.

JS: - A true romance… your wife, was so pleased with that promise of marriage, I guess.

NO: well, Thank you!

JS: In my view, 2009-2010LP "Charlie Chaplin", is your masterpiece - this is it! I think it was difficult to make a new LP"Piano Concerto No1No2 (by Grieg)" this season.

NO: A choreographer Sebastien Britten picked this music for me. I have played characters in my programs: Chaplin and Zatoichi, so, when he told me that I would perform classical music, "Could I?" worried a little bit. But, the more I have performed it, the more I like this music, the more this music has fit me. I'm going to have the sense of its musical note little by little. This program is the opposite of "Charlie Chaplin", in my view. I appreciate that Sebastien chose it for me.

JS: 2010-2011 SP "Storm (by Yoshida Brothers)", is another masterpiece of Nobu! for me. Your moves feels like its musical note. And Yoshida Brothers, they have so many international fans, that its Japanese taste could be welcomed internationally.

NO: This song is a recommendation from my fan. "sounds cool," I listened to it, brought it to Sebastien. He said "it sounds good!", too, then it got arranged as 2:50. For me, I feel like it!

JS: Yes! you feel like it! Both you and the music have a funk groove.

NO: Thank you!

JS: I see, you have been trying to show not only your elements, but also your program, since you turned a veteran. How have you worked on?

NO: I have found the sense of performing little by little, which Nikolai(Morozov) had taught me last season. Jumping, spinning, it means not only an element to show my skills. "How it be displayed" has been important for me. As for this season, how to display them in a Japanese theme / in a Classical music theme, has influenced my techniques. Jumping like carving in SP, jumping like waving in smooth note of FS for example. - It may be minor stuff, but could be a major change for me.

JS: It works. You express the feeling of music, even with your elements, as musical instruments.

JS: It's too late but I would like to talk about "Charlie Chaplin", desperately! I have so much admired Nobu, you noted "wish I could portray froth on the daydream, flash of the lifetime," on your "Charlie Chaplin".

織田信成 Nobunari ODA 2009-2010FS Charlie Chaplin © paja
2009-2010FS"Charlie Chaplin"

As if I could meet company, for I have firmly maintained: The glad,angry,sad,fun all roads could lead to Comedy!; Stairway to happiness, that is comedy!; the humor, leading from our humanity, we all have such an invisible tail! - My standing ovation for you, Nobu!

NO: (LOL) I learned about Chaplin, found he had both sides, the comic king / a man who needs comic relief. I imagine he wanted to make people laugh, through his sorrow. Unlike him, I haven't sorrowed, but, like him, I love to make people laugh so much. However, I am not cheerful so much. - I wished I could show both sides of my own. "Life may be turned down, but you find it in your heart - to have fun!", I had maintained on "Charlie Chaplin".

織田信成 Nobunari ODA 2009-2010FS Charlie Chaplin © paja

JS: For Worlds, Daisuke(Takahashi) "have worked on upper body strength for jumps consistency," Taka(Kozuka) "have trained in order to credit PCS(Program Component Score)," they said at 4CC mixzone interviews in Feb. As for Men, jumps base values + spins/footworks scores are apparently even, so, jumps GOE(Grade Of Execution)s + PCS winner would win at Worlds, my prediction. You have both, higher jumps GOEs and PCS. Nobu, what have you aimed, for Worlds?

NO: I wasn't called up for 4CC, then I participated the Winter Universiade in early Feb. After Japan Nats, I have aimed to complete my programs. My goal is: to finalize "what to show" in training, to show it at Worlds. I had trained in Canada in Feb-Mar to Worlds, which was scheduled in late March, and came back here with confidence that my programs went their ways. I hope I will show the best programs what I could give, in Moscow!

JS: Daisuke, also predicted "the guys would try to meet a target - Patrick Chan at Worlds." there. I have watched Patrick on the ice for the first time at GPF, was shocked. Patrick fit the ice, where he had magnetism. As if Patrick is finalized as the Figure Skater. I got totally understood why he has been acclaimed by other skaters. In addition, GOEs are credited for his jumps as same as you, Nobu…

NO: Yes, his jumps are clear.

JS: So, what do you think of him?

NO: When I compare the scores at my desk, I take a look at Patrick's at first, as Daisuke mentions. He won GPF(Nobu was placed 2nd), he is the leader at this moment. Every single element is above average, almost 90 out of 100. Much advanced elements he has. I must lead the charge, too. Much smooth skating also he has, none the less, he has dedicated himself to polish his gift - that is the highest honor.

JS: "smooth" - the only adjective I can say…

NO: You never skate like him, even if you have trained a lot. (smiles) He is gifted. As most Figure Skating fans cherish the beauty of his skating.

JS: In GPF, I had traced skater's footprints, then I found Patrick's was drawn like a mad scrawl. His long and intricate line, itself was something else. Your line was awesome, of course!

NO: Hardly… (smiles)

JS: Yes, it's awesome. Lines could characterize skaters? Tomas(Verner) had plenty of circles, his skating looked like brushwork on the ice.

NO: Skaters have their own moves to feel natural.

JS: We'll see color on the ice, in venues.

JS: …wanna see you're calculating to compare the scores!

NO: (LOL) Every skater does calculate! after every competition, to check judges scores. Then, if even one of 9 judges credits low points to the element, you must think "Why?" and refine it.

JS: In Moscow, wanna see your best programs to entertain people, to be your son's pride!

+++ Worlds in Moscow +++

He was placed 2nd after SP, finished 6th overall, due to a costly mistake in FS - he attended his 3T x 3 times, to lose his point on 3A-3T (base value: 12.6).

SP 2nd place
81.81 TES43.37(2) PCS38.44(3)
{4T -2.43, 3A +2.00, FCSp4 +0.36, 3Lz-3T +1.00, CCoSp2 +0.86, SlSt3 -0.03, CSSp4 +0.71}

::: Quick Quote :::
I'm very pleased with my placement today. It was surprising, because I made a mistake on the quad and also wobbled on the footworks. But I had a quad in SP, because I thought it was necessary and that paid off. Last Worlds, I finished 28th in SP, so, placed in second this time is really nice and I'm happy to get a small medal of SP. I want to continue the same way.

::: More from press conference :::
I also wanted to finish this season with a very good program, that's what I concentrated on, then I could give my very best performance out there today. Knowing Patrick(1st place after SP), I know he will perform his best tomorrow, so what I have to do is to put out my best. I don't know if I can do this very well and also I don't know if I can catch up to you, Patrick, but I hope I will do my best.

FS 9th overall 6th 232.50
150.69 TES72.25(12) PCS78.44(4)
{3T-3T +1.40, 3A*-3T*(invalid element), 3F +1.30, CiSt3 +0.79, FCCoSp3 +0.14 // 3A +1.71, 3Lz-2T-2Lo +0.30, 3Lo +1.10, 3S +0.80, 2A +0.57, ChSt1 +1.43, FSSp4 +0.29, CCoSp4 +0.79}
(Nobu's PPC{4T, 3A-3T, 3F // 3A, 3Lz-2T-2Lo, 3Lo,3S-3T, 2A})

::: Quick Quote :::
I am really disappointed with my performance, because I had been training not to do these mistakes… (He had done the same mistake before.)

::: 3 days after FS, for JapanSkates :::
I made a big mistake, to pay penalty with losing places. However, still I'm looking ahead to continue giving my all.

+++ on his left knee injury +++

Nobu has been injured his left knee, since February. His torn medial collateral ligament was found by exam on May 12th, he needs 4-6 weeks rest to recovery.

Yuzuru HANYU 羽生結弦, Daisuke TAKAHASHI 高橋大輔, Shizuka ARAKAWA 荒川静香, Nobunari ODA 織田信成, Fumie SUGURI 村主章枝  Paja
Yuzuru, Daisuke, Shizuka, Nobu, Fumie

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